AMI and Hushmesh to Demonstrate Cryptographic Firmware Orchestration and Utility Management at Black Hat USA 2023

AMI and Hushmesh to Demonstrate Cryptographic Firmware Orchestration and Utility Management at Black Hat USA 2023

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Thomas McCarthy

Thomas McCarthy

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A recent 2023 Thales Cloud Security Study released July 5, 2023, found that 39% of businesses experienced a data breach in their cloud environment last year.  That accounts for an increase of 4 points from the previous year.  Additionally, the report found that 75% of businesses said that 40% or more of the data they store in the cloud is sensitive.  That is an increase from 26% last year.

The risks are on the increase and the stakes are high when considering security for cloud services.  What we have come to rely on to manage our businesses and personal lives is built on weak infrastructure.

The Security Model of the Web is Inherently Weak

Sending data through the web involves uploading it to databases managed within domains. While data is usually encrypted in transit, encrypting it at rest requires complex key management at the domain level. Despite the dramatic increase in sensitive data stored in the cloud, The Thales Cloud Security Study found that on average only 45% of data passes into and out of the cloud services is encrypted.

But even with encryption, domain, and database administrators can access the keys and data in transit.  There is an underlying risk of insiders or attackers gaining access and stealing or corrupting the data.

The Solution to Securing Cloud Service Data Transmissions

At Black Hat USA 2023, AMI and Hushmesh will demonstrate a management and orchestration service integrated with the “Mesh”, a global zero-trust cryptographic network that automates cryptographic security for downloads and management integration. For cloud service providers (CSPs), data center operators, and original design manufacturers (ODMs) who need a secure way to receive, deploy and manage firmware updates and utilities, this demonstration will show how the Mesh provides cryptographic guarantees of data provenance and integrity across the Internet for administration.

Built on confidential computing technology, the Mesh enables secure firmware build orchestration and provides updates for administration in 3 ways. First, the Mesh features a global, password-less, OpenID Connect Identity Provider (OIDC IdP) capability to enable users to “mesh in” to the application equipped with a personal keychain secured in the Mesh. Second, the Mesh features REST APIs to upload and immediately encrypt data with personal keys before it is stored anywhere, which preserves provenance and integrity at the source. And third, all data transfers simply become key exchanges between individual keychains, which are all automated end-to-end by confidential computing software Agents, for on-site administration.

In this demonstration the AMI-hosted service will perform firmware build orchestration on a server, using a secure connection over the Mesh.  The process will include signed updated firmware and utility images pushed out for data center administration with fully automated end-to-end cryptographic security.  Attendees will witness cloud management of orchestration and updates without the possibility of breach or intrusions.

Come See this Demo at Black Hat 2023, Booth SC617

Attendees of Black Hat USA 2023 can see the demonstration at booth number SC617. Attendees can also learn more about how the Mesh works and secures other cloud-based applications at the Start-Up City Open Stage on Thursday, August 10th at 1:15 PM. Additional information about the Mesh can also be found at


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