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Turn Your Platform into a Fortress of Resilience

In today's interconnected world, platform security is more important than ever. With sensitive information shared and stored online, it's crucial to take every measure possible to protect it. One of the most critical aspects of platform security resiliency is the...

AMI Releases Version 2.3 of MegaRAC OpenEdition

We are excited to announce the release of version 2.3 of our MegaRAC OpenEdition™ Open-Source-based BMC Remote Management Firmware Solution. MegaRAC OpenEdition is our production-ready, open-source-based BMC remote management solution developed on core technology from...

Response to MegaRAC Baseboard Management Controller Vulnerabilities

At AMI, we take vulnerabilities seriously and continuously monitor and respond to the changing security landscape. When these MegaRAC Baseboard Management Controller vulnerabilities were identified, our Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) swung into...

AMI Innovation Week 2022 Concludes with the Naming of our New Champion Innovator!

Our AMI Innovation Week 2022 is a wrap! With innovation powering the way, AMI’s Securing Worldwide Compute event ended on November 17 after two days of spirited competition. It was an impressive showing with our Greater China, India and US teams demonstrating their...

Are you ready for Cyber Attacks? Secure your Critical Infrastructure Foundation today.

The Need for Firmware Security Firmware security is critical to protecting our computer systems and other sensitive information. Unfortunately, hackers have increasingly targeted firmware to gain access to these systems. The US government has responded by issuing a...

How to Prevent Memory Failures in Your Data Center

This blog post will discuss preventing memory failures in your data center and maintaining RAS. Cloud data center managers have their hands full dealing with various hardware failures that can impact service availability and revenue. Unfortunately, as data center...


AMI Intel Memory Resilience Technology Solution

Memory failure prediction technology from Intel® and AMI helps predict memory failures before they occur.

AMI TruE Confidential Computing

Powering confidential computing with AMI TruE and Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and Secure Key Caching (SKC) Library.

Data Sheets

Tektagon XFR

A vendor-agnostic hardware security solution, jointly developed with Lattice Semiconductor, that protects computing systems.

Aptio V

The “next generation of UEFI BIOS,” featuring support for the latest UEFI specifications.


Software/firmware server management solution based on industry standards with key serviceability features.

AMI Firmware Solutions for Intel Memory Resilience Technology

With AMI Firmware solutions for Intel®, predict memory failures before they occur.

MegaRAC OpenEdition

A hardened, production version based on The Linux Foundation® OpenBMC™ firmware.

Tektagon OpenEdition

An open-source Platform Root of Trust (PRoT) solution with foundational firmware security features.

In the News

Bleeping Computer Post: Product Security Incident Response

The changing vulnerability landscape means organizations need to have a proactive plan to identify and address vulnerabilities. Our CISO Samuel Cure recently contributed an article to Bleeping Computer outlining the best practices for implementing a Product Security...

Security Boulevard: AMI Brings Secure Firmware to the Open Compute Project

Our Chief Product Officer, Kelly Bryant, had a chance to speak with Security Boulevard reporter George Hulme during the OCP Global Summit to talk about how AMI is bringing firmware security to the Open Compute Project through the Tektagon OpenEdition Platform Root of...

OCP Global Summit 2022 Q&A: AMI Will Showcase Its Cutting-edge Firmware Solutions – Expertise in Security, Orchestration, and Manageability

We are excited to attend the 2022 OCP Global Summit! Our team will be showcasing our firmware solutions that can secure open source environments to reduce the risk of cyberattacks. We recently chatted with vmBlog about what we're bringing to the show this year and how...

Why Should Your Enterprise Care About Firmware Security?

Firmware security should be a priority for all organizations. Our Senior Director, Product, Zach Bobroff, authored a piece for GRCViewpoint detailing why enterprises should care about their firmware security. You can read the full article here:...

Why Firmware Attacks are a Top Security Threat

Why are firmware attacks a top security threat? Brian Mullen, our Senior Manager, Global Security Software Group, recent authored a piece on this topic published by GRCViewpoint. You can read the full article here:...

AMI Assigned Patent for Enablement of SDS solution for NVMe over Ethernet fabric management on storage controller

AMI Assigned Patent Enablement of SDS solution for NVMe over Ethernet fabric management on storage controller AMI, Duluth, GA, has been assigned a patent (11,416,428) developed by Bhatia, Anurag, Sugar Hill, GA, Messer, Jason, Duluth, GA, and Maity, Sanjoy,...


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Zero Trust Starts with Platform Firmware Resiliency

In many modern computer security approaches, securing the firmware is often overlooked.

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Motherboard ID Tool

Tool to help identify your motherboard manufacturer. Currently, AMI does not provide firmware updates directly to consumers.

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Sales Terms & Conditions

AMI Sales Terms and Conditions

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AMI Firmware Update Utility

AMI Firmware Update (AFU) for Aptio V, Aptio 4 and AMIBIOS is a scriptable command-line utility for DOS and Microsoft Windows®.

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AMIBIOS8 AMI Firmware Update Utility

AMI Firmware Update (AFU) for AMIBIOS is a scriptable command-line utility for DOS and Microsoft Windows®.

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Aptio 4 AMI Firmware Update Utility

AMI Firmware Update (AFU) for Aptio 4 is a scriptable command-line utility for DOS and Microsoft Windows®.