AMI’s Technological Leadership at Embedded World 2024

AMI’s Technological Leadership at Embedded World 2024

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Adonay Berhe

Adonay Berhe

Product Marketing

Embedded World, one of the world’s largest embedded technology exhibitions and conferences, presents an opportunity for AMI to demonstrate technological leadership, innovative solutions, and key industry collaborations that drive value to the computing world. This year is no different! AMI’s focus at Embedded World (EW24) revolves around three main pillars:

    • Windows IoT on Arm
    • Silicon-agnostic, Multi-architecture UEFI Support
    • Cloud Firmware Solutions

Windows IoT on Arm (WoA)

It’s no secret that Windows IoT on Arm has been slowly gaining traction in the Enterprise and Industrial Edge spaces for some time. One aspect that makes this idea appealing is the ability to reuse engineering resources, intellectual Property (IP), drivers/kernels, orchestration services, and testing frameworks across x86 and Arm projects. Following the WoA demo at EW23 on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 Compute Platform, this year, AMI is partnering with industry giants Microsoft, NXP, and SECO to showcase Windows IoT support on NXP’s i.MX 8M Plus Evaluation Kit and SECO’s SOM-SMARC-MX8M-Plus low-power design platform for higher-level embedded Machine Learning (ML) applications.

The goal is to offer comprehensive UEFI solutions that empower Arm platform vendors to attain support for Windows IoT OS and industry-standard certifications like Arm SystemReady and Windows Logo. This is achieved by offloading firmware development, validation, and support responsibilities to AMI, allowing vendors to concentrate on developing end-user features that set their technologies apart.

The message is clear. Leverage our decades of expertise in platform firmware and OS enablement to achieve a faster time to market.” Julien Witassek, Managing Director, AMI Germany

Silicon-agnostic, Multi-architecture UEFI Support

The current development process for Arm-based Enterprise Edge and Industrial Edge/IoT platforms includes silicon vendors releasing their foundational silicon-enablement firmware code as open-source. Platform vendors then undertake tasks such as feature enhancements, platform porting, system validation, and production support for each generation of silicon from different vendors. This leads to process inefficiencies, support scarcity, and implementation inconsistencies.

How has AMI solved this in the x86 world? We worked closely with silicon vendors to create a modular design that decouples the silicon-enablement stack from the rest of the core boot firmware architecture. We can utilize widely-adopted open-source projects like EDK II to create a plug-and-play design. This design enables platform vendors to effortlessly tailor their boot firmware with additional features based on their requirements, and expand their offerings across various silicon vendors and generations.

AMI is partnering with SECO to showcase multi-silicon support of Aptio V UEFI solution by enabling their NXP-based SOM-SMARC-MX8M-Plus and Rockchip-based SBC-3.5-RK3568 embedded platforms. Furthermore, to achieve firmware readiness at “Day 0”, developing firmware solutions on pre-silicon virtual platforms is critical. Accordingly, AMI will showcase their Aptio V UEFI solution enabling muti-OS support on the Arm Neoverse RD-N2 Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP).

Bringing silicon agnostic firmware solutions in the ARM world, will significantly expand the interoperability across different OS and simplify this architecture’s adoption for many different use cases.” Marco Sogli, Global Embedded Software R&D Manager, SECO

Cloud Firmware Services

AMI delivers dynamic firmware to our customers supporting our vision of sustainability, scalability, and security. In our attempts to march forward to the mission, we are introducing two new web-based services – Meridian Vulnerability Management Service (VMS) and Meridian Aptio Utilities Delivery Service – at EW24. Attendees will get a first-hand view of these UI dashboards and interact with the functionalities.

We are thrilled to introduce two transformative proof of concepts. The enhanced Security Advisories through the VMS and Firmware Utilities have the potential to reshape how we engage with our partners and serve our end-users, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the industry.” Sudan Ayanam, Vice President of Technology and Architecture, AMI

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