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Achieve Trusted Compute Status with AMI TruE

AMI TruE platform attestation ensures platform trust and enables confidential computing that isolates sensitive data in an encrypted CPU enclave during processing, using Intel® Software Guard Extensions and Intel® Security Libraries for Data Centers to ensure a trusted environment for confidential computing and secure cloud execution. It establishes and tracks the servers’ trusted compute status in the data center, complies with data sovereignty regulations, runs sensitive workloads on trusted servers and provides remediation measures for untrusted platforms.

The world’s leading brands choose AMI to ensure their technologies power up, stay on and run secure.

The AMI Advantage

AMI is the world’s top BIOS vendor and a leader in the platform security industry since 1985 because we simplify development and speed production of the tailor-made motherboards and security modules you need.

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Trusted Environment Security Solution for cloud service providers and data center operators looking to secure data.

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