Development Environment Built for Aptio® V

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Visual eBIOS™ (VeB) is a Graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Created for product-strength firmware development. Originally introduced by AMI in 2001, VeB provides the advanced graphical environment for firmware development in Aptio® V, AMI’s flagship UEFI BIOS. It has grown to become an indispensable tool for stable and modern BIOS development.

The Visual eBIOS (VeB) development environment supports multiple operating systems, including Windows® and Linux®, with cross-platform support for x86, x64 and ARM systems. VeB can reduce the need for coding with complex commands, while consistency between Aptio versions and hardware platforms eliminates the need to re-learn use of the tool. Instead, VeB enables firmware engineers managing different product lines to share their development experience, leading to improved product quality and stability.

  • Familiar, intuitive interface includes integrated project management, source control interfaces and helpful wizards
  • Manage project settings, view project output & capture build logs
  • Build projects directly from VeB
  • Integrated Source Control Support
  • Integrated Debugger Support
  • Text Editor with UNICODE Support
  • Support for Arithmetic operations with operator precedence for SDL language
  • Support to build a single component directly from VeB
  • Based on popular Eclipse IDE

    Visual eBIOS™ (VeB) Integrated Development Environment Data Sheet

    An Indispensable Tool For Stable and Modern BIOS Development Visual eBIOS (VeB) is a graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE) created for product-strength firmware development.

    Questions About
    VeB Development Environment?

    *Note that VeB is not licensed as a standalone product, but is available to Aptio customers as part of the Aptio V source.