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Meet MegaRAC OneTree: Next-Generation BMC Solution.

MegaRAC OneTreeTM, AMI’s next-generation BMC solution offers reliable and advanced manageability at scale for data center operators, cloud, edge, and beyond. An OpenBMC architecture-based solution with AMI add-on technologies built on top, MegaRAC OneTree is modular, hardened, and vendor-agnostic, compatible with the latest BMC standards.

Whether you are managing a small or extensive IT infrastructure, MegaRAC OneTree is the perfect solution to meet your evolving business demands and enable seamless scaling.

OpenBMC Architecture-based, multi-vendor platform & BMC SoC support 

Ease of use and improved portability & powerful remote management

Ideal for data center, cloud & edge server infrastructure management

MegaRAC SP-X: Powerful Server Management From Anywhere in the World

AMI’s MegaRAC SP-X offers unparalleled remote management capabilities for server platforms. You can exercise complete out-of-band control over your servers using features such as Redfish, power management, KVM redirection, and virtual media. This cutting-edge BMC solution delivers seamless performance and reliability, ensuring the stability, safety, and security of your servers at all times.

With MegaRAC SP-X, you can be confident that your server management needs are in expert hands.

Hardware-specific modules with support for leading SoC manufacturers

Supports key industry standards, such as Redfish and IPMI 2.0

Seamless integration of technology packs with the core features

Embracing Open-Source?
MegaRAC CommunityEditionTM  Now On GitHub.

The World’s Leading Brands Choose MegaRAC to Keep Their Servers Running.

What Can MegaRAC Do For You?

MegaRAC GitSPX Data Sheet

Command Line tool designed to improve the MegaRAC® SPX developer experience.

MegaRAC AST2600 Development Kit Data Sheet

Allows customers to begin development and training projects using the MegaRAC BMC.