AMI Unveils the Latest Release of AMI Data Center Manager (DCM): A Cutting-Edge Solution for Achieving Sustainable Data Centers

AMI Unveils the Latest Release of AMI Data Center Manager (DCM): A Cutting-Edge Solution for Achieving Sustainable Data Centers

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Atlanta, Georgia – AMI®, the global leader in Dynamic Firmware for worldwide computing, announces the latest release of AMI Data Center Manager (DCM). With the rapid expansion and heightened compute density of data centers, environmental impact has emerged as a critical focus. In response, AMI DCM offers robust tools to enhance performance, lower operational expenses, and effectively manage and reduce the carbon footprint of data centers.

The latest release further enhances key features:

    1. Enhances sustainability and reduces OpEx1: Identifies and reduces ghost servers by up to 15%, saves up to 32% of cooling power consumption, optimizes rack density by up to 30% to utilize allocated power, and identifies opportunities for server consolidation and replacement to reduce energy consumption and e-waste.
    2.  Carbon reporting to meet regulatory compliances: Provides detailed and aggregated reports on energy consumption, performance, and other key metrics to enable data centers to set monthly and annual carbon emission thresholds, helping comply with regulations such as the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) for the Financial sector or the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED).
    3. Supports vendor agnostic/silicon agnostic platforms: In addition to Intel-based platforms, AMI is expanding supportability to AMD platforms, with Arm and GPU support planned in upcoming releases. This agnostic approach ensures that data centers can select the best platforms for their specific needs while having a single-pane-of-glass solution to monitor and manage them.
    4. Real-time monitoring and analytics: Provides real-time monitoring of data center infrastructure, allowing administrators to quickly identify and resolve issues before they impact operations. Advanced analytics tools offer actionable insights into performance trends, enabling proactive management and optimization.
    5. Builds upon open standards: Compatible with industry standards such as Redfish and IPMI, making it compatible with a wide range of servers and extendable through API-driven customization, simplifying integration with third-party applications and tools.
    6. Intelligent Automation:  Streamlines routine tasks and optimizes resource utilization. Automation of tasks such as provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance allows data center administrators to focus more on strategic initiatives and innovation.

“Our team is excited to introduce the latest release of AMI Data Center Manager. AMI is committed to providing data center managers with the necessary tools to efficiently assess, monitor, and manage their diverse array of devices to meet sustainability objectives,” – says Arvind Jayabal, GM of AMI DCM.

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1Data Center figures based on 3MW and 300 racks.

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