Enabling Arm-based Platforms with Windows IoT: A Collaboration Between AMI, Microsoft, SECO, and NXP

Enabling Arm-based Platforms with Windows IoT: A Collaboration Between AMI, Microsoft, SECO, and NXP

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Brian Wheeler

Brian Wheeler

Product Marketing

As the embedded and IoT market expands, the demand for diverse computing platforms and firmware solutions continues to grow. While Unix-like operating systems have gained considerable prevalence on Arm-based platforms, the need for Windows-similar environments persists. Understanding this market requirement, AMI is excited to announce our participation in the upcoming Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 2024. AMI, in partnership with Microsoft, SECO, and NXP, will showcase live demonstrations and present a workshop to empower Arm-based platform vendors in providing versatile firmware and operating system options that fit their customers’ needs.

Microsoft-AMI Workshop at Embedded World

At the upcoming workshop at Embedded World, AMI and Microsoft will delve into the value of Windows IoT for the Arm Enterprise and Industrial-Edge markets. Part of this discussion will present compelling use cases highlighting Windows on Arm’s unique advantages to end-users and ecosystem-centric engagement models with chip makers, firmware vendors, and platform providers to drive value, increase support, and speed up time-to-market. The session will also provide a deep dive into AMI’s Aptio V UEFI boot solution, including how platform vendors can leverage this solution in their development processes for achieving industry validations and certification standards such as Arm SystemReady and Windows Logo. Lastly, the session will have a demo leveraging an NXP-based production platform from SECO to underscore Windows on Arm seamless integration and compatibility through the AMI Aptio UEFI solution.

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AMI is excited to engage with the industry at Embedded World 2024. As a leading firmware provider, we understand the need to offer lightweight, customizable, and modular solutions to Enterprise and Industrial Edge platform vendors. By incorporating Windows IoT on Arm and AMI’s Aptio V UEFI boot solution, customers can unlock new opportunities, meet evolving customer demands, and boost their competitiveness.

Don’t miss the chance to engage with our team, explore our demos, and discover how AMI can help enable your customers’ success. We look forward to seeing you!!

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