AMI Enables AMD Ryzen Embedded 8000 on SolidRun Bedrock fanless Industrial PCs for high-performance edge AI solutions

AMI Enables AMD Ryzen Embedded 8000 on SolidRun Bedrock fanless Industrial PCs for high-performance edge AI solutions

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ATLANTA, GEORGIA – AMI®, the global leader in Dynamic Firmware for worldwide computing, has announced the availability of AMI’s Aptio® V on the new AMD Ryzen Embedded 8000 for SolidRun Bedrock fanless industrial PCs. This collaboration further expands boundaries on the support for AI at the distributed edge with power-efficient and high-performance industrial PCs.

The modularity and flexibility of Aptio V enable seamless zero-configuration compatibility to hundreds of SolidRun Bedrock variants, including the incorporation of AI accelerators, different CPUs, multiple add-on cards, and changing RAM, storage, and network adapters in the field. Because of this versatility, SolidRun Bedrock with AMD Ryzen and Aptio V can be widely deployed in edge AI, robotics, industrial control and automation, healthcare, automotive, and many other edge applications.

The remarkable efficiency of AMD Ryzen Embedded 8000 is enhanced in Aptio V on Bedrock using a custom BIOS menu for high granularity control of CPU power, allowing consistent system performance at the full industrial temperature range of -40ºC to 85ºC ambient.

“Aptio V built around a modular, flexible core, hardened on billions of compute devices, provides a wealth of customization and value-added capabilities for today’s embedded devices. We are proud to partner with SolidRun to help bring one of the first industrial PCs to the market on the latest AMD Ryzen Embedded 8000, “ says Puran Nallagatla, SVP Global Boot Firmware at AMI

“The ongoing partnership with AMI is key in unleashing the full potential of SolidRun Bedrock,” says Irad Stavi, IPC Product Line manager at SolidRun. “Thanks to AMI expertise with the inner workings of the CPU and the robustness and flexibility of AMI Aptio V, SolidRun is first to market with an industrial PC based on the latest AMD Ryzen Embedded 8000.”

This collaboration between SolidRun, AMD, and AMI enables immediate deployment of efficient, high-performance edge AI solutions and ruggedized industrial PCs tailored for specific applications. These Bedrock edge analytics systems are self-contained and minimize dependence on cloud computing. SolidRun Bedrock with AMI Aptio V is available now from SolidRun and SolidRun authorized resellers.

AMI’s firmware support for SolidRun Bedrock on Aptio V is available now. For more information, contact AMI sales.

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About SolidRun:

SolidRun is a leading developer of ruggedized industrial PCs, SOMs (System-on-Module) and Edge-AI ready platforms for scalable inferencing in miniature, robust and easy-to-deploy systems. SolidRun’s diversified hardware portfolio encompasses both x86 and ARM in a variety of standard and optimized form-factors. To speed-up development and integration, all SolidRun products are released with customized BIOS / bootloader, OS distributions and a complete drivers suite. For more information, visit

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