AMI Innovation Week 2022 Concludes with the Naming of our New Champion Innovator!

AMI Innovation Week 2022 Concludes with the Naming of our New Champion Innovator!

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Our AMI Innovation Week 2022 is a wrap!

With innovation powering the way, AMI’s Securing Worldwide Compute event ended on November 17 after two days of spirited competition. It was an impressive showing with our Greater China, India and US teams demonstrating their innovative solutions and taking innovation to the next level! After thoughtful deliberation between our expert panel of judges, a winner has been crowned as our Champion Innovator for 2022.

Please join us in offering cheers and congratulations to our AMI Innovation Week 2022 Grand Champion, Parth Gupta!

Parth triumphed to come out on top in the face of serious competition, and he now holds the title of AMI’s Top Innovator until next year’s event in 2023! Congratulations to all our participating teams for showing us what innovation can do! Here’s to a more secure future!

Let’s hear it for the AMI Innovation Week 2022 Runner-up Team of Hari, Chitrak, VB and Manoj A! Sure, they didn’t take home the top spot this time around – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t already planning to dominate next year. We have no doubt they’ll dazzle us with their innovation and creativity in 2023 – way to go Team!

Manius, Jack, Eva, Richard and Tony – congratulations on taking Third Place at AMI Innovation Week 2022! Your innovation and creativity were second to none. We can’t wait to see what else you come up with next year! Keep pushing boundaries – innovation is always worth celebrating! Well done, Team!

It’s been said that innovation is the spark that drives progress, and our AMI Innovation Week 2022 participants have certainly proved it! We were blown away by the creativity, innovation, and sheer enthusiasm of all those who took part in this incredible event. From groundbreaking analytics applications to platform security innovations and more – no idea was too ambitious or outlandish!

We applaud each of our winners for their hard work and innovation. It’s big thinkers like you who are driving innovation forward at AMI! Here are some additional scenes from AMI Innovation Week 2022:

Once again, congratulations to each of our winners and many thanks to all who participated – your enthusiasm is what made this event so very special! Huge thanks also must go out to the AMI India team who worked hard behind the scenes to make this event a tremendous success. You have set the bar high for future competitions, and the anticipation is already building for our next AMI Innovation Week in 2023!


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