Driving operational efficiency and Sustainability in enterprise data centers 

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AMI Data Center Manager

AMI® Data Center Manager (DCM), formerly known as Intel® DCM is a powerful tool that can help organizations manage their data centers with greater reliability, efficiency and sustainability. It is designed to be highly customizable and scalable, enabling organizations to tailor it to meet their needs.

By leveraging real-time data collection, predictive analytics, and advanced reporting features, AMI DCM enables data-driven decisions that improve the sustainability, reliability and operational efficiency of data center infrastructure.


Optimizes energy usage, reduces waste, and monitors carbon emissions


Monitors data center health, power, and thermals in real time and provides alerts


Optimizes resources usage and capacity planning forecasting for future needs

AMI Data Center Managment Use Cases

Whether you are responsible for infrastructure management or IT operations, AMI DCM provides you with the tools you need to optimize performance, reduce operating costs and manage your data center carbon footprint. AMI DCM provides a wide range of capabilities and  covers three major sets of  use cases to help manage data centers.

Capacity Planning and Energy Consumption

Forecasting Future Space and Power Needs

Optimizing Rack Density

Granular Thermal Mapping

Device Level Energy Monitoring

Power Capping

Utilization and Health Monitoring

System Utilization Monitoring

Identify Zombie Server

Real-time Health Issues Detection

Health Issues Prediction

Reliable and Customizable Alerts

Infrastructure and Asset Manageability

Rightsizing DC Infrastructure

Real-time Discovery and Asset Tracking

Remote System Management

Power, Thermal and Health Alerts

End-to-End Data Aggregation