Aptio V UEFI Firmware from AMI is Compliant with UEFI Specification v2.8 and UEFI Platform Initialization Specification v1.7

Aug 21, 2019 | AMI in the News

NORCROSS, GEORGIA – AMI, a global leader in BIOS, BMC and remote management tools and utilities, is pleased to announce that its flagship Aptio® V UEFI Firmware is now compliant with version 2.8 of the UEFI Specification as well as version 1.7 of the UEFI Platform Initialization (PI) Specification.

Implementation of version 2.8 of the UEFI Specification brings a host of improvements and new features to Aptio V UEFI firmware, including the UEFI RestEx protocol, the Redfish® Discover protocol, and Configuration Capsule support.

Improvements brought with version 1.7 of the UEFI Platform Initialization Specification include automatic migration of Pre-EFI Initialization (PEI) modules from temporary to permanent memory, support for PEI Core residing in a Firmware Volume (FV) other than the Boot FV and a new service to support timed callbacks in PEI.

“As a leader in BIOS/UEFI firmware and long-standing member of the UEFI Forum, AMI places great importance on compliance with the latest industry standards and specifications to better serve our valued customers and partners,” said Sanjoy Maity, CEO of AMI.

“Aptio V, our flagship UEFI firmware, has always been developed according to the latest UEFI specifications. The added support for the most recent versions of the UEFI and Platform Initialization Specifications enables manufacturers to enhance select platforms based on the most recent innovations in UEFI firmware,” he added.

For more information on the UEFI Specification version 2.8, the UEFI Platform Initialization Specification version 1.7 or the UEFI Forum, visit https://uefi.org/specifications.

For more information on UEFI 2.8 and PI 1.7 support in Aptio V UEFI Firmware from AMI, please contact your AMI representative at 1-800-828-9264 / +1-770- 246-8600 or visit ami.com.

Redfish® is a registered trademark of the DMTF in the US and other countries.

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