AMI Announces UEFI 2.7 Compliance for Aptio V UEFI Firmware

AMI Announces UEFI 2.7 Compliance for Aptio V UEFI Firmware

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NORCROSS, GEORGIA – AMI, a global leader in BIOS, BMC and remote management firmware tools and utilities, is pleased to announce Aptio V support and compliance for the latest version of the UEFI 2.7 specification.

As a leader in BIOS/UEFI firmware and long-standing member of the UEFI Forum AMI places great importance on compliance with the latest industry standards and specifications to better serve its customers. Aptio® V, the flagship UEFI firmware from AMI, is developed according to the latest UEFI specifications and the added support for the most recent version of the UEFI 2.7 specification gives manufacturers the ability to enhance select platforms based on the most recent innovations in UEFI firmware.

Compliance with the latest UEFI 2.7 specification brings a host of improvements to Aptio V UEFI firmware, including improved HTTP Boot support, IP stack configurability and protection against direct memory access (DMA) attacks, as well as enhanced interfaces for UEFI applications and drivers. Additional developments include support for flexible paging schemes, Partitions Information Protocol, and the Human Interface Infrastructure (HII) Popup Protocol.

For more information on Aptio V UEFI Firmware compliance with the latest version of the UEFI 2.7 standards, please contact your AMI representative at 1-800-828-9264 / +1-770- 246-8600 or visit

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