MegaRAC OpenEdition™ BMC Firmware

MegaRAC OpenEdition™ Hardened OpenBMC™
Remote Management Firmware

MegaRAC OpenEdition™ BMC Firmware

MegaRAC OpenEdition is a hardened, production version based on OpenBMC firmware. MegaRAC OpenEdition can be enhanced with proprietary AMI IP packages based on the proven MegaRAC firmware stack, trusted for years by leading OEMs and ODMs for its robust, secure remote server management.

MegaRAC OpenEdition features an intuitive, extensible open-architecture development framework, as well as support for multiple BMC/Hardware-System-on-Chip (SOC) platforms, including AST, Pilot, Poleg, and other leading manufacturers.

The key to its flexibility is a robust "common core" concept that delivers a highly-managed source base with high ROI, and a complete Service Processor Solution for wide product deployments. MegaRAC OpenEdition includes dedicated support, code patches and security advisories that all AMI customers trust and expect.

MegaRAC OpenEdition encompasses a family of blended Firmware/Software, Tools & Utilities and Services:

Key Benefits

  • Hardened code, supported and maintained by AMI
  • Long-term support (LTS) model
  • Dedicated "product-level" support
  • Security patches and advisories from dedicated security analysis
  • Guaranteed roadmap of features, industry-standard and technology support for smooth project delivery

MegaRAC OpenEdition FW/SW Solutions

  • For server BMC (Baseboard Management Controller)
  • For enclosure BMC (Chassis or Rack Manager)
  • For infrastructure BMC (Interconnect Fabric Manager)
  • Essential Licensable IP modules to provide complete manageability
  • Full-feature DevNet development environment, which offers distinct advantages and benefits for FW enhancement

MegaRAC OpenEdition Services

  • Fee-based services for complete development and delivery of the product
  • Turnkey and Engineering (NRE) Services, including BMC feature design and customization
  • Hardware Platform Porting
  • Quality Assurance (QA) & Security Analysis Services

AMI Value-Add

  • AMI makes additional valuable IP available to our customers to make an enterprise-class, feature-rich product
  • During the course of OpenBMC's maturity by community efforts, AMI delivers a "Path to Production" plan to all customers
  • Sophisticated, modern tool-chain for the highest level of project manageability
  • A complete collaborative development framework for OpenBMC customers for a hassle-free, quality product delivery

AMI DevNet™ Git™-based Firmware Source Code Development and Distribution Environment

AMI DevNet is a web-based source code distribution and development solution that provides a unique, enhanced source code hosting solution with metadata-aware microservices and bots, together with a complete DevOps solution for BIOS and BMC firmware development.

  • No Local IDE (MDS) Installation required
    • Web Browser based development
    • Updates or fixes are available immediately to the customers
    • Centralized and better project control
  • Integrated with Git Source Control
    • Modern and easy-to-use version control which is integrated with DevOps and Project Management
  • Coding Standard Enforcer
    • Ensures that all code adheres to company-defined coding standards
  • Integrated Static Code Analyzer
    • Performs automated static code analysis and alerts developers with any issues

Supported Platforms

MegaRAC OpenEdition BMC firmware supports a number of Customer Reference Board (CRB) designs, with new platform support being added on a periodic basis. Currently supported platforms include:

Microsoft® Project Olympus platform

Intel® Server System ("Wolfpass") CRB

Wiwynn® Tioga Pass

MiTAC® Tioga Pass

Need a Development Kit?

Introducing the MegaRAC® Development Kit for the AST2600 BMC!

The MegaRAC Development Kit for the AST2600 BMC features hardware, tutorials, and access to MegaRAC firmware to help developers and engineers gain experience in sensor porting, management technologies such as Serial over LAN (SOL) and UART, and virtual media (vMedia). These complete kits allow OEM and ODM customers to begin immediate development and training projects using the MegaRAC BMC Firmware with the AST2600 BMC from ASPEED Technology.

MegaRAC OpenEdition BMC Firmware Information Request Form

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