Hardware Root of Trust

Serious Firmware Protection That’s Built in

The increase of firmware in data centers has increased the attack surface. Because of this, our security experts have developed AMI PlatFire, a portfolio of Hardware Root of Trust (HRoT) solutions designed to detect, protect and recover firmware from unauthorized modification and help you thrive in the face of uncertainty.

 AMI PlatFire® was designed with Lattice Semiconductor FPGA – to bring the industry a fully-featured and integrated HRoT solution that is cost-effective, scalable, compatible and easy to implement. The solution uses the Lattice Sentry stack, featuring a low-power Lattice MachXO3D™ secure control FPGA running pre-verified, PFR-compliant IP, to implement HRoT on a server’s motherboard. AMI PlatFire firmware then orchestrates the connection between the PRoT and other on-board components, such as SoCs and RoCs, to validate firmware and if necessary, recover it in the event of firmware compromise.

This solution enables developers to quickly implement system-level NIST compliant firmware resiliency, making it easy for developers to implement PFR on the latest industry-standard server platforms.

AMI PlatFire Data Sheet

AMI PlatFire is a vendor-agnostic hardware security solution, jointly developed with Lattice Semiconductor, that protects computing systems starting from power-on to boot…

AMI PlatFire Platform Root of Trust (RoT)

Firmware attacks are on the rise. 83% of all businesses have experienced a firmware attack in the past two years.

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