Top 5 Greatest Hits: Looking Back at the Launch of the AMI Tech Blog

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The time has passed quickly, but already almost two months have gone by since the launch of our new AMI Tech Blog! To commemorate the occasion, for today’s post we decided to take a look back at some of our greatest hits since its launch in early May of this year.

To begin, we had several goals in mind when launching the AMI Tech Blog. First, we wanted to create an online space to engage with people interested in AMI in a more informal manner. We also wanted to share a peek behind the curtains at our company, since much of what we do isn’t necessarily visible to people outside of our customer base. We also wanted to create a place where we could talk about news and achievements of AMI aside from the traditional route of press releases and corporate news announcements. And finally, we had an overarching goal of driving new and repeat readership to our website. Happily, in just a short period of time we have managed to achieve all three and the trends show no signs of stopping!

It’s very true that data and analytics are the lifeblood of successful marketing and public relations activity, so from the beginning we wanted to be able to see clearly how the Tech Blog has impacted viewership of our website. For us, the team behind the Tech Blog and the ones responsible for the words and images that make up the content on these pages, it has been especially gratifying to see just how our users are engaging with the blog. By creating interesting content and cross posting announcements about our latest blog entries on our social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter we have seen our viewership rise, and we are able to see the number of new readers that each post brings to our website.

With that all-important data in mind, as we look back at the 30+ posts weve made since the beginning of May, here are the Top 5 so far:

Which of these posts was your favorite so far? Or another one that perhaps didn’t make this list? Reach out to us via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and let us know – and thanks for reading!