Embracing Open Source through
the Open Compute Project®
Aptio OpenEdition™ & MegaRAC OpenEdition™ Code Bases contributed to the Open Compute Project®

A global leader in powering, managing and securing the world’s digitally connected infrastructure.

AMI is committed to contributing to the Open Source
community with the goal to encourage




AMI is a key player in driving the industry forward

ODMs are shipping

OCP platforms that

are sold on the

OCP Marketplace


AMI is working with:





Si Vendor




AMI "Cutting Edge" Live Tree

AMI’s open source trees are pulled

from The Linux Foundation® OpenBMC and EDK II

trees and AMI develops additional

value-add features on top of them

Customers wanting a more feature-rich solution can easily license the cutting edge tree and pay AMI for support, additional features and customizations

Point-of-use customers can then utilize this hardened open source tree for their OCP server platforms


Open Compute Project™


CSPs, DCs, and Enterprises


AMI plans to push these trees to

the OCP Community on a delayed

periodic basis after thorough

validation and is working with ODMs

to target OCP Marketplace systems


Open Source and Live Solutions from AMI


  • Open License
  • No support
  • Delayed distribution from AMI internal tree

  • Multiple license options
  • Support & Maintenance
  • LTS – Long Term Support
  • Live tree
  • Per-unit maintenance fee

AMI Open Source Options

Point-of-use customers can then utilize this open

source tree for their specific OCP server platforms

*Timing of publishing 3rd party items into the Open Community® and embargoed security fixes are limited by external factors
AMI DevNet™ offers a modern software development experience with complete CI/CD/CT

OCP Marketplace

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