AMI and Axiado Partner to Deliver Enhanced Security and Manageability for GIGABYTE’s NVIDIA MGX Platforms, Showcased at NVIDIA GTC

AMI and Axiado Partner to Deliver Enhanced Security and Manageability for GIGABYTE’s NVIDIA MGX Platforms, Showcased at NVIDIA GTC

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ATLANTA, GEORGIA – AMI®, the global leader in Dynamic Firmware for worldwide computing, and Axiado, a leading innovator in AI-driven hardware security, have announced their collaboration to deliver enhanced security and manageability solutions for next-generation servers, to be showcased at NVIDIA GTC, a global AI conference. The partnership focuses on integrating AMI’s industry-leading MegaRAC™ OneTree OpenBMC-based manageability firmware with Axiado’s powerful AX3000 Trusted Control/Compute Unit (TCU) SoC solution with Secure Vault™ Root-of-Trust and Secure AI™.

The combined solution offers a compelling value proposition for organizations deploying NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper™ and NVIDIA Grace CPU Superchip-based platforms. AMI and Axiado teams are currently working closely to showcase this joint solution on NVIDIA MGX™ platforms. Industry partners and customers can view the Axiado AX3000 hardware at the GIGABYTE Technology booth# 1224 at GTC and engage with representatives from both companies. This is the beginning of many activities to come as both companies set their eyes on providing the industry with a firsthand look at the power and flexibility of this groundbreaking security and firmware offering on NVIDIA GH200-based platforms.

“Our NVIDIA MGX offerings with NVIDIA Grace CPU and NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip will push the envelope on advanced computing and will require a security solution that can scale to the task. AMI’s MegaRAC OneTree™ firmware running on Axiado’s TCU AX3000 AI-enabled security co-processor offers a novel approach in answering the call for such advanced security, enabling GIGABYTE a continued leadership position in the enterprise market.” – Etay Lee, CEO of GIGABYTE.

The AMI MegaRAC OneTree™ OpenBMC firmware provides a robust, feature-rich, and secure foundation for server management. Developers can easily integrate their custom IP into the MegaRAC OneTree core stack, packaged to be compatible with Linux Foundation (LF) OpenBMC, by leveraging AMI’s API abstraction layer or native D-Bus interfaces.

“We are excited to partner with Axiado to bring this innovative security solution to market,” said Sanjoy Maity, CEO of AMI. “By combining our expertise in server management, boot, and Root-of-Trust  firmware with Axiado’s industry-leading TCUs, we can provide customers with unparalleled security and reliability for their next-generation data centers.”

With dedicated AI hardware for cybersecurity to provide preemptive protection against network and physical side-channel attacks, Axiado’s TCU is a best-in-class, single-chip security processor solution redefining Zero-Trust architecture. Axiado’s TCU delivers the world’s first RoT, BMC, TPM, HSM, and firewall functions integrated into a single device to address urgent gaps in the cybersecurity industry.

“Partnering with AMI seemed like a natural fit for our unique and industry-pioneering solution,” said Gopi Sirineni, CEO of Axiado. “Combining our security-enhanced AI hardware with AMI’s industry-leading platform firmware will provide customers with major improvements in smart, resilient, and reliable compute platforms for running mission-critical applications across different industries.”

Availability and Partner Engagement

Representatives from both AMI and Axiado will be available at NVIDIA GTC to meet with industry partners and customers. Attendees are encouraged to visit the GIGABYTE booth to view the Axiado hardware, discuss this exciting partnership, and explore how the combined solution can elevate the security and manageability posture of next-generation server infrastructure.

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