AMI Announces Participation in Arm® SystemReady Certification Program to Support ODM and Silicon Vendor Partners

AMI Announces Participation in Arm® SystemReady Certification Program to Support ODM and Silicon Vendor Partners

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DULUTH, GEORGIA – AMI®, a global leader in powering, managing and securing the world’s connected digital infrastructure, is pleased to announce its participation in the Arm® SystemReady Certification Program in support of its ODM and silicon vendor partners seeking certification in the program.

The Arm SystemReady Program: Certification Standards for Software That Just Works

Arm SystemReady is a compliance certification program based on a set of hardware and firmware standards designed to ensure that Arm-based servers, infrastructure edge and embedded IoT systems are designed to specific requirements – enabling operating systems to “just work” and ultimately provide greater stability, reliability and assurance to end users of these platforms. The compliance certification program tests and certifies that systems meet the SystemReady standards, giving confidence that operating systems (OS) and subsequent layers of software “just work” even in the most demanding environments and workloads.

Currently, AMI’s focus is on the Arm SystemReady SR band of the program for Arm-based server platforms with its Aptio UEFI BIOS Firmware and MegaRAC SP-X BMC Firmware. In this role, AMI works directly with its ODM customers and silicon vendor partners as they move through the Arm SystemReady certification process with their Arm-based hardware designs. AMI also participates in various subcommittee groups as part of its involvement in the program, to help provide its recommendations and expertise from the perspective of an experienced firmware solutions provider to the Arm server, IoT and embedded ecosystem.

“As Arm-based platforms continue to quickly gain momentum, especially with new platform architectures involving XPUs, the industry is clearly paying attention and preparing for this shift – as shown by the number of industry leaders actively participating in the SystemReady program. Similarly, AMI has been a participant in the SystemReady program for several years now, as we clearly see the value in assisting our customers and partners in their certification journeys. AMI’s primary goals are to help handle silicon-specific issues and make recommendations, helping to reduce costly design errors and omissions that could impact manufacturing and platform adoption. It has been gratifying to AMI to witness firsthand how our customers benefit from our experience and assistance in this role, as we help them realize all the benefits that the program has to offer,” said Sanjoy Maity, Chief Executive Officer of AMI.

“Having AMI participate in the SystemReady program has been invaluable to our ODM and silicon vendor program partners. We are delighted with the level of acceptance the program has had to date, with participants across the Arm ecosystem who recognize the benefits of the program. Through the enthusiastic support of SystemReady from companies such as AMI, we are accelerating and expanding the enablement of software and hardware developer ecosystems by allowing generic off-the-shelf operating systems and workloads to work seamlessly across a wide choice of Arm-based platforms. Building and complying to a set of standards provides confidence that operating systems and application software just works on SystemReady platforms, so developers can focus on innovation and value-add for their products,” said Dong Wei, Standards Architect and Fellow at Arm.

Mauri Whalen, Vice President of Software Engineering at Ampere commented, “AMI has been instrumental in helping us achieve SystemReady certification on several of our platforms. We greatly value the strong collaboration and their unique perspective as a premier UEFI and BMC vendor. They made the certification process exponentially easier, enabling simplified and faster time to market for our solutions. Together, we deliver the Arm-based ‘SystemReady certified’ stamp and all that it represents.”

“With a deep knowledge of Arm-based platforms, GIGABYTE incorporates Arm SystemReady certified products into our server designs, making the entire selection and design process easier for us. This certification also brings a competitive advantage to our products – as customers have complete assurance that these products ‘just work’,” said Akira Hoshino, Head of Product Strategy and Planning at GIGABYTE. “The support, guidance and experience of SystemReady partners like AMI is invaluable throughout our design and certification process, and we are pleased to partner together with them in this program.”

About the Arm SystemReady Program

For more information about the Arm SystemReady program, visit for program details. A helpful blog entry on the SystemReady program is also available at the Arm Community site at

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