AMI Announces New AMI DevNet Firmware Source Code Development and Distribution Environment for OEM / ODM Customers

AMI Announces New AMI DevNet Firmware Source Code Development and Distribution Environment for OEM / ODM Customers

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NORCROSS, GEORGIA – AMI®, a global leader in powering, managing and securing the world’s connected digital infrastructure through its BIOS, BMC and security solutions, is pleased to announce the new AMI DevNet™ Firmware Source Code Development and Distribution Environment for AMI OEM and ODM Customers.

AMI DevNet™ is a web-based source code distribution and development environment that combines a unique, enhanced source code hosting service featuring metadata-aware microservices and bots together with a complete DevOps solution for BIOS and BMC firmware development. It features an enhanced robust Git™-based source control system with powerful integrated DevOps capabilities to help make firmware development simpler, faster and more secure. With fully integrated virtual and physical hardware testing services, AMI DevNet is a vital tool for bringing products to market on budget and on time.

AMI DevNet is available to AMI ODM and OEM firmware customers with the option to use specific components of the solution as needed and the ability to integrate and add custom DevOps capabilities. The solution is not intended to replace each customer’s own development methodologies, but rather to provide an opportunity to enhance and complement them, with the aim of shortening the development cycle and time to market.

Why AMI DevNet?

One of the key benefits of AMI DevNet is a highly streamlined development experience for all types of firmware engineering teams. It also has secure development at its core – as all source code developed in conjunction with AMI DevNet is required to pass static code analysis and other tests to ensure customer coding standards are enforced.

To make it familiar and compatible with existing OEM/ODM customer development methodologies, AMI DevNet also incorporates several well-known industry tools into its framework, such as Git, GitLab™, Docker™, Ansible®, Kubernetes™ and more. AMI DevNet leverages the widely used Git source-control system to support standard git commands, minimize complexity, and enable easy migration of existing projects to the AMI DevNet environment.

As part of its code verification process, AMI DevNet performs continuous integration to ensure every check-in still builds. AMI DevNet also features automated testing to ensure the latest source is always well tested and the latest firmware image is ready for deployment at any time. Any issues detected are clearly listed in a report format pointing to exact lines of code for quick analysis and resolution. All security issues require a logged sign-off if not corrected, while tool selection and aggressiveness also can be customized.

Finally, AMI DevNet provides flexible hosting and development models for easy multi-party development. It scales to cloud environments with ease and delivers the ultimate in modularity, security and compatibility while accommodating the preferred deployment models of each customer. Its flexibility means that multi-party development models can be arranged between any combination of AMI/OEM/ODM engineering teams. For quick on-boarding of engineering or development teams, AMI DevNet moves complicated tool setup to the cloud and allows for test hardware to be connected at AMI or the customer site.

“Throughout our history, providing best-in-class tools that enable our OEM and ODM customers to improve their development workflows, reduce development costs and errors and speed time to market has always been at the core of our mission,” said Sanjoy Maity, Chief Executive Officer of AMI.

“AMI DevNet represents the next evolution in that mission – a modern solution based on industry-standard tools like Git and Kubernetes that will not only continue our legacy of first-class support for our firmware customers, but also deepen the potential for collaboration with AMI. AMI DevNet will also enable our customers to augment their own internal development processes, which will contribute to better, more innovative products that will ultimately benefit us all,” he added.

For more information on the new AMI DevNet Firmware Source Code Development and Distribution Environment, please contact us or call 1-800-828-9264 to speak with an AMI Sales Representative.

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