Aptio and AMIBIOS in Interesting Places – Part 3

Aptio and AMIBIOS in Interesting Places – Part 3

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As we have seen in previous Tech Blog posts, our Aptio® and AMIBIOS® are everywhere – and they often show up in some interesting and unusual places!

Because Aptio UEFI Firmware – and its legacy BIOS predecessor, AMIBIOS – are installed on all types of systems across the globe, including servers, desktops, notebooks, tablets and embedded systems such as those driving digital signage systems, sometimes a system reboot or fault will provide unique photo opportunities.

We are always amused when eagle-eyed computer enthusiasts share photos on social media platforms when they find Aptio and AMIBIOS in unusual places! Here are a few of the latest pictures we have found, showing some of the interesting places Aptio and AMIBIOS have recently been seen:

At an airport check-in counter:

Image credit: Reddit user chocolate_matter https://www.reddit.com/r/PBSOD/comments/cm0h8y/fly_the_friendly_skies_with_american_megatrends/

At a museum in Japan:

Image credit: Reddit user atomicdragon136 https://www.reddit.com/r/PBSOD/comments/clkoop/cpu_fan_died/

At the Glastonbury Festival in England:

Image credit: Image credit: BBC News / The Register https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/07/01/microsoft_round_up/

At a supermarket in London, England:

Image credit: Russell Scherr / The Register https://www.theregister.co.uk/2020/03/27/bios_bork/

Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands

Image credit: S. Righi, AMI US

Schiphol Airport – Round 2

Image credit: @intel_brian https://twitter.com/Intel_Brian/status/1223143241681338370/

On a billboard in Paraguay

Image credit: @chonex https://twitter.com/chonex/status/1236353616677613569/

In a shopping center display window in Turkey

Image credit: @theilgazcode https://twitter.com/theilgazcode/status/1156816520716177408/

On a billboard by a highway in Central Mexico

Image credit: @caamoro https://twitter.com/caamoro/status/1184915802165776385/

Thanks for reading, we hope this post has temporarily satisfied your wanderlust! Do you happen to have any Aptio or AMIBIOS photos in unusual places that you’d like to share with us and other readers of our Tech Blog? Reach out to us in the comments form below or connect with us on Twitter at @AMI_PR and share away!

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