AMI Presents at ‘The Role of Redfish in UEFI Forum Specifications’ Webinar, Hosted by UEFI Forum

AMI Presents at ‘The Role of Redfish in UEFI Forum Specifications’ Webinar, Hosted by UEFI Forum

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NORCROSS, GEORGIA – AMI, a global leader in BIOS and UEFI firmware, BMC and server management firmware solutions, backplane control chips and much more, presented at the recent “The Role of Redfish in UEFI Forum Specifications” Webinar held earlier this month. The webinar was jointly hosted by the UEFI Forum and DMTF. AMI was invited to participate and offer its unique view on the topic from an Independent Firmware Vendor (IFV) perspective.

During the webinar, the UEFI Forum presented on this topic from the platform initialization and bootstrap point of view, as one of its key objectives is to promote a standardized interface that simplifies and secures platform initialization and firmware bootstrap operations. Likewise, DMTF provided an overview of the Redfish® standard, implementation challenges and how Redfish and UEFI firmware interact with each other in the greater firmware ecosystem. The Redfish® specification from the DMTF standards group is a standardized management API for delivery and secure management for converged, hybrid IT and the Software Defined Data Center.

“The stated purpose of the webinar was to elaborate on the relationship between platform and management firmware from different industry perspectives. Because AMI has a unique role as a provider of both UEFI BIOS firmware and BMC firmware, it holds a special vantage point from which it can describe this relationship from the IFV perspective. As a long-standing supporter of both the UEFI Forum and DMTF, we at AMI are very pleased to have been invited to participate in this jointly sponsored event to deliver our insight,” commented Sanjoy Maity, CEO of AMI.

The recent UEFI Forum Webinar can be viewed here.

Redfish® is a registered trademark of the DMTF in the US and other countries.

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