Aptio and AMIBIOS in Interesting Places, Part 2

Aptio and AMIBIOS in Interesting Places, Part 2

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As we have seen in a previous Tech Blog post, our Aptio® and AMIBIOS® are everywhere – and they often show up in some interesting and unusual places!

Because Aptio UEFI Firmware – and its legacy BIOS predecessor, AMIBIOS – are installed on all types of systems across the globe, including servers, desktops, notebooks, tablets and embedded systems such as those driving digital signage systems, sometimes a system reboot will provide unique photo opportunities.

We are always amused when eagle-eyed computer enthusiasts send us photos on Twitter and other social media platforms when they find Aptio and AMIBIOS in unusual places! Here are a few of the latest pictures we have found, showing some of the travels Aptio and AMIBIOS have taken recently:

At an ATM machine in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India:

Image credit: AMI (India)

At a car rental kiosk at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, Georgia:

Image credit: AMI (US)

At Boston Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts:

Image credit: @lustcoder https://twitter.com/lustcoder/status/1127603229519486976

At Abasto Shopping Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Image credit: @leandrofoggia https://twitter.com/leandrofoggia/status/1099370756973174784

In the lobby of an Italian restaurant in Singapore:

Image credit: @kaihendry https://twitter.com/kaihendry/status/1085381478664585217

This latest round of photos shows us once again just how well-traveled are both Aptio and AMIBIOS are! Do you happen to have any photos of AMI firmware in interesting places that you’d like to share with us and other readers of our Tech Blog? Reach out to us in the comments form below or connect with us on Twitter at @AMI_PR and share away… and as always, thanks for reading!

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