AMI Collaborates with KingTiger on BIOS and iMS Development

AMI Collaborates with KingTiger on BIOS and iMS Development

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NORCROSS, GEORGIA, USA – AMI, a global leader in BIOS and UEFI firmware, server and remote management tools, data storage products and unique solutions based on the Linux® and Android™ operating systems, is proud to announce the collaboration between AMI, Inc. and KingTiger Technology Inc. in the development and integration of AMI’s Aptio® V UEFI firmware and KingTiger’s iMS technology to provide a total solution for DRAM error identification and diagnosis.

Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) is a random-access memory technology that is widely used in PCs. With its large capacity and high-speed transfer rates, most computing devices come equipped with DRAM. As the use of memory-based storage increases and rates of memory failures become higher in the industry, it is becoming increasingly important to diagnose and prevent memory failures before they can cause systems to crash. To address these concerns, AMI and KingTiger teamed up to integrate their respective solutions to allow customers to test their memory and identify potential risks.

AMI worked closely with KingTiger to integrate its UEFI firmware solution with KingTiger’s patented Intelligent Memory Surveillance (iMS) technology, which predicts, identifies and isolates memory failures before a system crashes. When iMS is deployed during system boot, it conducts a rigorous memory test and scans all of the memory to see if there are any causes for concern. The memory test continues to scan for memory failures even at the OS level. If a particular memory failure is detected during the memory testing, that part of the memory is marked “unusable” to signify the defective nature of the memory. The defective memory that has been marked “unusable” will automatically be isolated from the rest of the memory and the user can then take preventative measures to correct the errors.

With AMI’s specialization in UEFI firmware development and KingTiger’s expertise in DRAM testing, the combined effort of both companies extends motherboard solutions and provides a comprehensive error detection and correction solution for computing devices. The compatibility between the two technologies allows customers running Aptio V on their systems the option of deploying either iMS Lite (available only on the latest 8th generation core Intel® processors) or upgrading to the full-fledged iMS solution. For added value and benefit to their customers, AMI and KingTiger have also integrated MemTest86, an industry-standard memory testing tool, for more extensive memory testing abilities. With the collaboration between AMI and KingTiger, mutual customers of both companies can expect greater capabilities with their AMI UEFI firmware solutions and ensure that a thorough memory test can help them prevent their systems from crashing in the future.

Please contact your AMI sales representative for more information about the iMS technology for memory testing.

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