AMI Provides Block SID for NVMe Drives in Aptio® V UEFI BIOS Firmware

AMI Provides Block SID for NVMe Drives in Aptio® V UEFI BIOS Firmware

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NORCROSS, GEORGIA: – AMI, a global leader in BIOS and UEFI firmware, server and remote management tools, data storage products and unique solutions based on the Linux® and Android™ operating systems, is pleased to announce support for the Block SID Physical Presence Interface specification (defined in TCG Storage Opal Integration Guidelines Version 1.00 Revision 1.00), specifically for NVMe drives, in Aptio® V UEFI BIOS firmware.

To provide more streamlined encryption capabilities to its customers, AMI, Inc. (AMI) has added support for Block SID Physical Presence in its flagship Aptio® V UEFI BIOS firmware. The Trusted Computing Group’s (TCG) Block SID Authentication Feature Set was developed to enable storage device users to create trusted platforms and protect their devices from unauthorized access.

The Physical Presence Interface (PPI) specification describes the communication between the OS and BIOS firmware to manage the configuration of trusted platform modules (TPM) and/or TPM-related technologies, including Block SID. Physical Presence is a way to authorize TPM operations, requiring a physical platform operator to carry out platform operations initiated by the OS. Drives with Block SID possess encryption capabilities and are frozen to prevent a malicious program from encrypting the drive. The Block SID PPI allows the operating system to request the drive not to be frozen so that it can encrypt the drive the next time the system boots.

By providing support for Block SID physical presence for storage devices, AMI is creating more streamlined security offerings for customers. The support for Block SID allows customers to create trusted platforms that take precautionary steps to prevent their systems and storage devices from experiencing malicious attacks.

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