AMI Opens Registration for Fall 2017 UEFI Plugfest in Taipei, Taiwan

AMI Opens Registration for Fall 2017 UEFI Plugfest in Taipei, Taiwan

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NORCROSS, GEORGIA: – AMI, a global leader in BIOS and UEFI firmware, server and remote management tools, data storage products and unique solutions based on the Linux® and Android™ operating systems, is pleased to announce registration for the Fall 2017 UEFI Plugfest, hosted by AMI, Inc., is now open for members of the UEFI Forum.

The UEFI Forum, a non-profit industry standards body that champions firmware innovation through industry collaboration and is responsible for developing, managing and promoting UEFI specifications, organizes Plugfests for members to test their latest UEFI implementations. This year, the Fall 2017 UEFI Plugfest will be held in Taipei, Taiwan from October 30 to November 3, at the Capital Hotel.

The UEFI Forum community is comprised of 300+ member companies and industry influencers, focused on improving system performance and interoperability. At UEFI Plugfests, members can test their solutions on various platforms and OS versions, as well as on Host Bus Adapter (HBA) plug-in cards from independent hardware vendors (IHVs). Aside from the testing sessions, members also have the opportunity to attend technical sessions covering firmware-related topics and network with industry-leading member companies. By bringing together a community of well-known technology leaders with vast expertise in firmware development, the UEFI Forum fosters growth and innovation in the global firmware industry.

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About the UEFI Forum:
Through a collaborative approach with world-class companies, institutions and experts, the UEFI Forum advances innovation in firmware technology standards. These extensible, globally-adopted UEFI specifications bring new functionality and enhanced security to the evolution of devices, firmware and operating systems. The Forum also collaborates with other standards groups that are essential to computing. For more information about the UEFI Forum and current specifications go to

About AMI

AMI is Firmware Reimagined for modern computing. As a global leader in Dynamic Firmware for security, orchestration, and manageability solutions, AMI enables the world’s compute platforms from on-premises to the cloud to the edge. AMI’s industry-leading foundational technology and unwavering customer support have generated lasting partnerships and spurred innovation for some of the most prominent brands in the high-tech industry. 

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