MyGnar’s GNARBOX Incorporates AMI Technology and Expertise

MyGnar’s GNARBOX Incorporates AMI Technology and Expertise

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NORCROSS, GEORGIA: – AMI, a global leader in BIOS and UEFI firmware, server and remote management tools, data storage products and unique solutions based on the Linux® and Android™ operating systems, is pleased to announce its support of the release of the GNARBOX, a creative media editing/sharing device developed by MyGnar, Inc., in collaboration with AMI.

MyGnar’s flagship GNARBOX is the world’s first pocket-sized device where users can download, organize and edit videos/RAW photos using their smartphones, giving users the ability to edit and share their media on the go no matter where they are. GNARBOX follows a series of steps, where users can import media to the GNARBOX, edit media using the GNARBOX app, and share full resolution media (up to 4K) on various social media platforms. GNARBOX can be used to transfer media from drones, GoPro® devices and DSLR cameras to various devices (smartphone, tablet, cloud, desktop, etc.). GNARBOX holds up to 128GB of media and has USB3, microSD and SD ports to quickly upload content into the GNARBOX.

Drawing on the proven experience in BIOS/UEFI development and source code design of AMI, MyGnar entrusted AMI for help with the initial product development of the GNARBOX. AMI engineers were able to provide flexible source code that would meet the specific design requirements needed for the GNARBOX and quickly implement the necessary BIOS features to get the product ready. The GNARBOX is now available for shipment and customers can purchase the GNARBOX to capture all the exciting and adventurous moments in their lives.

“Working closely with AMI allowed us to get the support needed to get the GNARBOX up and running.” said Tim Feess, CEO/Co-Founder of MyGnar, Inc. “With AMI’s expertise/reputation in BIOS development and knowledge in hardware/software design, AMI was able to meet our design requirements for the GNARBOX and was proactive with any business/design questions we had. We are pleased to have worked alongside AMI to create our product and take it to the market.”

“The collaboration between AMI and MyGnar has allowed AMI to work with companies in different industries, this time focusing on integrating AMI’s technology with a device that allows simple, fast and instantaneous editing/sharing of media. MyGnar’s GNARBOX is equipped to empower users who are frequently taking pictures/videos while traveling, exploring and documenting moments in their lives,” said Subramonian Shnkar, President/CEO of AMI. “We are excited to have been part of this project and see how AMI’s technology could be incorporated into such as an innovative product,” he continued.

More information on this unique media editing and sharing device, including guidance on how to purchase the GNARBOX, is available at

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