Aptio V picked for latest line of products from Arnouse Digital Devices

Aptio V picked for latest line of products from Arnouse Digital Devices

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Source: Financial-News.co.uk

American Megatrends, Inc. said its flagship Aptio V UEFI BIOS Firmware was selected as the BIOS of choice to power BioDigitalPC products from Arnouse Digital Devices Corp (ADDC), a high tech innovation company based in Lake Success, NY, specializing in small form factor, low energy, high density computing structures.
Aptio V from AMI will be employed throughout the entire BioDigitalPC family of products from ADDC, including the BioDigitalPC, a credit card sized, yet rugged generation of x86 computing platforms. ADDC will also incorporate Aptio V into its BioDigitalPC Deployable Data Center (DDC), a cloud optimized mobile data center that can scale up to twenty-two (22) complete servers by simply plugging in BioDigitalPC devices.
“The BioDigitalPC9/MoblyPC9 series, has high-end computing power equivalent to, if not more than, the current desktops being used today, and yet, it is in our standard credit card sized form factor,” said Michael Arnouse, CEO and Chairman of ADDC. “Weighing less than an ounce for integration, only 2 ounces fully epoxied, and consuming between five and ten watts, the MobylPC represents a great alternative to the current bulky, heavy, power-hungry computers.”

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