Aptio® V from AMI Chosen as UEFI BIOS for New 7-inch Windows® Tablet from Toshiba

Aptio® V from AMI Chosen as UEFI BIOS for New 7-inch Windows® Tablet from Toshiba

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  • AMI’s Aptio® V UEFI BIOS Firmware has been chosen for the new 7-inch Windows® tablet from Toshiba introduced today at COMPUTEX Taipei
  • This new tablet features Windows 8.1 + Bing® and the latest Intel® Atom™ Processor for powerful performance
  • Toshiba has created a value-driven tablet that is priced competitively against other 7-inch devices
  • It features a number of exciting features and innovations for a Windows tablet, many of them made possible by Aptio V’s flexible modular architecture

COMPUTEX TAIPEI, Taiwan and NORCROSS, Georgia, USA – AMI, Inc., (AMI), a leader in BIOS, remote management and data storage innovations, announced that its Aptio® V UEFI BIOS Firmware was chosen as the BIOS of choice to power the new 7-inch Windows® tablet from Toshiba which will become available in coming months.

The new tablet from Toshiba is billed as “Affordable Excellence” in an attractive, slim 7-inch form factor running Microsoft Windows® 8.1 + Bing® operating system on the latest Intel® Atom™ Processor. Notably, it offers excellent battery life, blazing fast performance and is competitively priced against other 7-inch tablets currently in the market.

“Collaborating with AMI and our other hardware and software partners on this new tablet platform was an extremely rewarding experience for Toshiba. Our new 7-inch tablet featured today at COMPUTEX Taipei 2014 sets a new standard for what entry-class Windows® tablet devices can offer to both casual and power users alike. Many of the BIOS optimizations that make some of the new features of this platform possible are a direct result of the modular Aptio V architecture. This modularity allowed our development team, working closely with AMI engineers, to quickly identify and enable BIOS features that supported our goals for this platform. The robust Aptio development environment meant testing and debug proceeded at a rapid pace, greatly assisting us to speed to the time to market for this new device,” said Hideo Kasuya, Technology Executive of Toshiba.

In the words of Subramonian Shankar, President and CEO of AMI, “AMI’s Aptio V supports all of the key features and technologies found in this groundbreaking new 7-inch Windows® tablet computer from Toshiba, which sets the bar even higher for performance, battery life, and as a robust platform for casual and business users alike. Notably, the Aptio V build provided to Toshiba for this platform features a BIOS split into two different locations, which enables a more feature-rich BIOS than ever before – without requiring large flash capacities. This is just one more example of how AMI is incredibly responsive to the needs of its OEM customers, working closely with them to enable the exciting, innovative features that today’s educated consumers demand.”

Windows® and Bing® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the US and other countries. Atom™ is a trademark of Intel Corporation. All other products, services, brands and names are property of their respective owners.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI is the largest computer exhibition in Asia and the second largest of its kind in the world, next to CeBIT in Germany. Every year, the event draws observers, analysts and journalists from all over the world – to discover and report the latest technologies, developments and trends introduced at the exhibition.

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