Source-Level Debugging for
Aptio and UEFI Projects

AMI Debug for UEFI is a powerful solution for debugging UEFI projects, offering source-level debugging without the need for an expensive in-circuit emulator (ICE). Using standard RS-232 or USB 2.0 cables, developers have access to source-level debugging and control the debug target hardware through a GUI application for Microsoft Windows® operating systems.

AMI Debug for UEFI works with AMI's Aptio as well as projects based on the "TianoCore" EFI Development Kit (EDK) or any UEFI Shell application. Aptio and TianoCore developers can debug at the firmware level, while application and driver developers can invoke debugging features at the shell without the need to embed modules in the ROM image. This flexible and inexpensive tool works for IA32 and x64 build targets.

  • Designed for UEFI 2.x and EFI 1.x
  • Integrates into Visual eBIOS (VeB) Development Environment from AMI
  • Modular, easily included in any project
  • Works with AMI's USB checkpoint device
  • Can be embedded in target firmware or launched from the EFI Shell
  • Supports IA32 and x64 build targets

Contact Us

It is currently available only to OEM/ODM customers; for more information, please contact an AMI Sales Representative using the form below.

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