AMI Backplane Controllers

AMI MG Series Backplane Controllers

AMI Backplane Controller Product Matrix

AMI Backplane Controllers from AMI provide LED and sensor control for SAS/SATA/NVMe drives. They provide exceptional flexibility and require minimal board real estate, making them a perfect fit for numerous applications.

A wide selection of reference designs and development tools are available to help speed the design process. AMI's Backplane Enclosure chips work with any HBA supporting SGPIO (SFF-8485) and/or SES-2 protocol over I2C. These Backplane Controllers can be flashed or upgraded via SMBus from the motherboard BMC, or USB, depending on the model.


  • Low-cost, true single chip solution
  • Parts Ready to use No firmware or programming required
  • Supports LED/Drive Management through SGPIO (SFF-8485) and SES-2
  • Supports IBPI Specification (SFF-8489)
  • Can drive up to 3 LEDs per slot
  • Provides drive Activity, Fail/Rebuild and Locate LEDs for each drive
  • Up to 4 controllers can be cascaded to support up to 32 drives
  • Firmware Upgradable through SMBus from host BMC
  • Diagnostics and FW tools available for Win32, Win64, Linux, EFI and DOS
  • Available in QFN-64, TQFP-48 and LQFP-32 packages

Backplane Controller Product Matrix

The table below compares the key features of the MG9xxx Backplane Controller series from AMI. For more detail on individual Backplane Controllers, see the individual MG9xxx Backplane Controllers product page and download the Data Sheet for the full product specification.

UBM ChannelsYes, 2/4NoNoNoNo
PCIe Hot-plug SMBus supportYesYesNoNoNo
VPP/SHP Platform SupportYesYesNoNoNo
SAS Power DisableYesYesNoNoNo
NVMe/SAS Drive DetectYesYesNoNoNo
SGPIO Channels22221
SGPIO Configurations323244304
SES-2 (Legacy I2C based)NoNoNoYesYes
BMC Access through SMBusYesYesYesNoNo
Ready LED SupportYesYesYesYesYes
Global Act & Fail LEDYesYesYesYesYes
Internal Voltage RegulatorNoNoYesYesYes
Internal CrystalYesYesYesYesYes

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