What is EC?

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Earlier this month, we introduced you to some of the acronyms common in our industry and the concept of Acronym Soup. Going off of our Acronym Soup, we’ll be taking a deeper look at what an EC is. You may have seen the acronym floating around and you may be wondering, what exactly is EC? Lucky for you, we’re here to break it down!

EC stands for Embedded Controller. An Embedded Controller is a microcontroller located on the motherboard that controls various aspects of a system. Embedded controllers manage real-time aspects of a system that are not handled by the Central Processing Unit (CPU). ECs are essential components in different types of systems (computers, mobile, ultra-mobile devices). AMI offers embedded controller firmware solutions and AMI Embedded Controllers incorporate the advanced functionalities of ECs, including features such as:

  • Power sequencing/control
  • Mouse/keyboard control
  • Battery charging
  • Smart Battery management
  • Screen brightness
  • Volume control
  • External monitors connected to system
  • For more information on AMI EC, please download the AMI Embedded Controller Data Sheet.