What is BCP?

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We’re back with another hot, piping serving of Acronym Soup with an acronym we mention whenever we talk about AMI’s various BIOS/UEFI Utilities. Today we’re getting a taste of AMI BCP, one of AMI’s BIOS/UEFI utility tools.

BCP stands for BIOS Configuration Program and is one of the numerous BIOS utility tools offered by AMI. The BCP utility is supported by AMI’s Aptio® firmware and allows OEMs to customize parameters in an Aptio ROM image without the need to rebuild the BIOS. There are several parameters that can be modified using BCP. Some modifiable parameters include:

  • Aptio® system setup configuration
  • View/edit default boot order
  • View/edit DMI/SMBIOS tables
  • View/edit Aptio strings
  • Edit register tables
  • For OEMs working with x86, x64 and ARM architectures, BCP is supported on all three platforms.

    For more information about AMIBCP, download the AMIBCP Data Sheet.