Full Support for the Redfish 1.0 Specification

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Recently, AMI added full support for the Redfish™ 1.0 specification from the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF). The Redfish specification is an open industry standard specification and schema that allows simple and secure management of modern scalable platform hardware. The Redfish specification utilizes a RESTful interface and JSON and OData for seamless integration of solutions into existing tool chains. It is also designed to be a secure replacement for IPMI-over-LAN.

The Redfish 1.0 specification is now fully supported by both AMI’s Aptio® V UEFI firmware and several products within the MegaRAC® product family. The new specification outlines additional features that are supported by the Aptio V firmware and allows users to implement new features such as out-of-band configurations, firmware updates and TPM management. Through the integration of BIOS, BMC and the Extensible Management Architecture (EMA), server managers can push updated BIOS settings to multiple systems quickly and remotely. On the MegaRAC side, users can efficiently manage network, computer and storage hardware using the MegaRAC Pooled System Management Engine (PSME) firmware as well as the MegaRAC Composer™ Pod Management software. By fully integrating Redfish support for both the Aptio V and MegaRAC product lines , users can take advantage of the new Redfish features by extending their management capabilities and creating powerful, scalable solutions.

To read more about the new support for Redfish 1.0 in Aptio V and MegaRAC BMC Remote Management solutions, please read the full press release: here.

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