AMI Fabric™ Fabric Management

AMI Fabric is based on proven highly stable widely used MegaRAC SP-X stack.

AMI® Fabric Fabric Management

AMI® Fabric Fabric Management Firmware is a powerful firmware / software stack that combines complete fabric management functionality with that of a baseboard management controller (BMC). It offers all of the BMC management tasks as defined by IPMI 2.0, Serial over LAN (SOL), complete out-of-band (OOB) connectivity and an advanced component management framework to support PCIe switch-based management, NVMe, RAID and industry-standard drivers. For remote access to fabric management tasks, AMI Fabric provides a secure embedded web server and UI, along with Secure-Shell (SSH)-based SOL as well as standard IPMI-based SOL.

AMI Fabric is based on the proven, highly stable and widely-used MegaRAC SP-X stack, sharing the same code base. Like MegaRAC SP-X, AMI Fabric firmware provides a high level of modularity, with the ability to easily configure the complete stack by selecting available features in package form. OEM-level modifications are made using MegaRAC Development Studio (MDS), an Eclipse™-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for server management with the power to customize, build and debug all at once. Additionally, AMI Fabric support is available on all of the advanced System-On-Chip (SoC) devices from the leading manufacturers.

  • Linux® Development Kit (LDK)
  • Support for IPMI, including LAN and serial interface support
  • Component Manager features RAID, SAS/IT support and complete PCI switch management API
  • NVMeMI with I2C and MCTP/I2C
  • PCI Root Complex support
  • Admin-level NVMe drive management via PCI-Express (PCIe) standard
  • Web UI features PCI switch management, NVMeMI and drive management capabilities
  • Remote update capability for BMC and drive firmware

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