We are ami


AMI is dedicated to creating a sustainable, healthy, green-focused and well-rounded company environment.

AMI Lifestyle

AMI aims to provide the ideal workplace for its employees and be recognized as one of Atlanta’s Healthiest Employers.

Employee Wellness

AMI’s Wellness Committee provide feedback and ideas on how to improve the workplace and programs to encourage employees to uphold social responsibility and live a healthy lifestyle.

Green Thumb

Conserving energy and protecting the environment is important. That’s why AMI implements multiple green initiatives and pushes for more green-friendly practices in the workplace.

How AMI Makes a Positive Impact

AMI understands the importance of creating a positive impact on the environment, community, society and economy.

Cost-Savings Benefits

AMI does whatever it can to lessen the potentially harmful impacts on the environment. Keeping this in mind, AMI implements various efficiency plans such as reducing the amount of power used in the office, reuse/recycle programs, water filtration machines and more. This in turn has allowed AMI to lower costs and maintain a green-friendly mindset

Energy-Efficient Technology

As a business in the technology sector, AMI is constantly developing and releasing innovative products and services to its customers. AMI focuses on releasing products that over time, provide the best value to its customers and minimize power consumption.

Quality Assurance

AMI understands the importance of high quality. In order to exceed the expectations of customers and ensure high quality, AMI engineers do various quality tests and utilize the best possible materials in AMI’s products.

Green Initiatives

AMI actively pushes for more green-friendly reforms because green is better.

Single Stream Recycling

AMI supplies multiple recycling bins throughout its facility to promote centralized recycling to its employees.

Switch Off, Power Down

Whether it’s making sure all the lights are turned off when everyone leaves or using power-saving mode on our devices, AMI works to conserve energy whenever possible.

Sustainable Materials

Where possible, AMI takes action to reduce consumption, reuse materials and recycle.

Green Ribbon Committee

AMI‘s “Green Ribbon” Committee was formed to brainstorm initiatives and put forth the best practices in environmental sustainability.