AMI to Showcase Innovative Products at Computex 2024

AMI to Showcase Innovative Products at Computex 2024

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Ahsan Quadri

Ahsan Quadri

Head of Marketing

AMI is excited to announce its participation in Computex 2024, where we will be showcasing an array of innovative products. The event will take place at the Marriott Courtyard Nangang in Taipei, Taiwan on June 4th – 7th, 2024. The showcased demos will enable attendees to explore AMI’s latest innovations in an exclusive setting.

Showcase Highlights

If you are heading to Computex 2024, join us at the Marriott Courtyard Nangang to experience these pioneering technologies firsthand:

  • Aptio® on Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite: Experience the advanced firmware capabilities of Aptio running on the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite platform, enabling AIPC to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency.
  • Aptio on NXP: Discover the integration of Aptio with NXP solutions, showcasing UEFI BIOS for embedded systems and IoT applications.
  • Tektagon™ on AMD Turin Platform: Explore the Tektagon on ASPEED 1060, demonstrated on AMD’s latest Turin platform, highlighting its robust platform root of trust (PRoT) security features for the newest enterprise, cloud, and AI application platform.
  • Tektagon on Caliptra: Witness the capabilities of the Tektagon on Caliptra, showcasing a silicon-level root of trust as envisioned by Open Compute Project. This technology ensures secure and trustworthy operations for your cloud computing platform, providing foundational security properties for hardware.
  • Tektagon on Microchip 1736: Learn about the Tektagon on Microchip 1736, featuring PRoT on embedded systems, laptops, and PCs. This demonstrates advanced security measures and versatile application support, ensuring secure firmware operations across different devices.
  • GPU and CDU Management by AMI Data Center Manager™: Engage with our data center management simulation, illustrating efficient GPU and CDU (Coolant Distribution Unit) management solutions. This simulation addresses the current high energy demands and cooling requirements faced by modern data centers. By optimizing cooling and energy usage, the simulation showcases how data centers can achieve greater efficiency, reduce operational costs, and enhance sustainability.
  • MegaRAC OneTree on AST2700: Discover the innovative MegaRAC OneTree, demonstrated on the AST2700 platform. This represents the latest OpenBMC firmware on the latest BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) hardware, showcasing advanced Redfish/IPMI remote management capabilities for enterprise environments.

Join Us!

For more information and to schedule a meeting, please visit AMI suite 2524 during Computex at Marriott Courtyard Nangang. We look forward to meeting you!

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About AMI

AMI is Firmware Reimagined for modern computing. As a global leader in Dynamic Firmware for security, orchestration, and manageability solutions, AMI enables the world’s compute platforms from on-premises to the cloud to the edge. AMI’s industry-leading foundational technology and unwavering customer support have generated lasting partnerships and spurred innovation for some of the most prominent brands in the high-tech industry. 

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