AMI Aptio Community Edition Support for AMD openSIL on 4th Gen AMD EPYC Processor

AMI Aptio Community Edition Support for AMD openSIL on 4th Gen AMD EPYC Processor

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Brian Wheeler

Brian Wheeler

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AMI has recently announced the availability of UEFI support for AMD openSIL (Open-Source Silicon Initialization Library) on 4th Generation AMD EPYC™ Processors (formerly codenamed “Genoa”) with AMI’s open-source boot firmware project, Aptio® Community Edition. This contribution enables booting functionality for the AMD Genoa-based “Onyx” Customer Reference Board (CRB) platform using AMD’s newest open-source silicon initialization framework, AMD openSIL, which is a successor to the legacy initialization stack, AMD AGESA™. AMD openSIL empowers hardware and firmware engineers to utilize AMD’s latest and greatest open-source silicon initialization stack and to develop custom Proof of Concept (PoC) firmware for the AMD Genoa-Onyx platform.

AMI’s Contribution to the Community

In close partnership with AMD, AMI’s contribution to the open-source community is a significant step towards providing firmware developers with the tools they need. It creates a full PoC firmware stack for the AMD Genoa-based “Onyx” CRB platform, allowing the open-source community and customers to evaluate the AMD openSIL with host firmware (AMI Aptio Community Edition). We believe that this contribution will greatly benefit the hardware and firmware engineering community, helping them with the design and customization of open, secure, and resilient firmware stack for their platforms.

Why Does this Matter?

AMD openSIL provides a versatile and scalable foundation for various host firmware, including coreboot and UEFI. Aptio Community Edition firmware is AMI’s contribution to the OCP community, fortified by decades of boot, management, and security firmware expertise. This latest update to the Aptio Community Edition offers the OCP open-source firmware community a UEFI solution that is purely AMD openSIL compatible. This progression not only exemplifies AMI’s commitment to the open-source community but also paves the way for innovative firmware development based on AMD’s Genoa-Onyx platform.

Seize the Opportunity!

The platform component that Aptio Community Edition integrates is available under the terms of AMD’s Beta Firmware License and is derived from AMD’s Beta Release of UEFI Host Firmware for Genoa openSIL POC. Please refer to your AMD support channels to inquire about AMD openSIL plan of record timelines for SoC programs. Seize the opportunity to leverage this advancement! Visit the OCP Aptio Community Edition repository today to explore the Genoa-openSIL branch and start developing for the AMD Genoa-Onyx platform. Let’s push the boundaries of firmware development together!

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