AMI, ASPEED, and Jabil to Showcase the Next Generation DC-SCM Solution with Dynamic Firmware

AMI, ASPEED, and Jabil to Showcase the Next Generation DC-SCM Solution with Dynamic Firmware

2023 OCP Global Summit, Tech Blog

Brian Wheeler

Brian Wheeler

Product Marketing

AMI, ASPEED Technology, and Jabil are proud to showcase a technical demonstration at the OCP Global Summit 2023. This collaborative effort showcases a secure DC-SCM (Data Center Secure Control Module) add-on card that promises to redefine hardware security and firmware attestation. Our secure DC-SCM add-on card is a first-of-its-kind reference design solution purpose-built to seamlessly integrate with a standard DC-MHS (Data Center Modular Host System) platform.

A Powerhouse Trio

Our showcase revolves around the collaborative DC-SCM design from ASPEED and AMI, AMI’s Meridian Services, and Jabil’s DC-MHS platform. The ASPEED/AMI DC-SCM 2.0 card includes the ASPEED AST2600 BMC powered by the industry-leading AMI MegaRAC platform management solution. It also features the ASPEED AST1060 PRoT (Platform Root of Trust) SoC to enhance firmware security on enterprise platforms. Harnessing Jabil’s Mustang platform, we’ll demonstrate a transition from a Jabil DC-SCM to the ASPEED/AMI DC-SCM, a seamless connection to AMI’s Meridian Services, an effortless update of AMI’s MegaRAC BMC firmware and Tektagon PRoT firmware, ensuring a secure, future-proof data center environment. This demonstration exemplifies our commitment to innovation, flexibility, and precision in meeting the dynamic needs of the data center landscape.

“We are excited to join forces with AMI and Jabil in unveiling the ASPEED/AMI DC-SCM 2.0 card, featuring both the AST2600 BMC and AST1060 PRoT SoC from ASPEED,” stated Chris Lin, Chairman of ASPEED. “The AST2600 BMC signifies a groundbreaking advancement in hardware management and remote server control, delivering enhanced efficiency and dependability to data center operations. In tandem with AST2600, the AST1060 PRoT SoC offers comprehensive firmware security for enterprise platforms, ensuring the integrity of critical data, shielding against tampering and compromising, detecting any data manipulation, and enabling the restoration of vital information to its original state. Our partnership with AMI and Jabil exemplifies the seamless integration of our AST2600 BMC and AST1060 PRoT SoC with their solutions, collectively forging a fortified, forward-thinking data center ecosystem.”

“Choosing the ASPEED-designed DC-SCM module for this demonstration perfectly highlights how the DC-MHS specifications enable multi-vendor modular server solutions,” stated Ed Bailey, Technology VP of Jabil. “The Jabil and ASPEED teams were able to come together after independently developing their own DC-MHS compliant components and integrate them into a single system. The AMI team was brought into the collaboration to automate the “plug and recode” aspect of this demonstration. Their firmware orchestration and automation services not only made the DC-MHS swap seamless but added additional security via the AMI Tektagon Platform Root of Trust solution running on the AST1060 PRoT SOC.”

Connecting It All Together

Behind the scenes, AMI Meridian Services, an integral part of AMI’s Dynamic Firmware concept, brings a new level of sophistication to firmware orchestration and automation. AMI Meridian Services extends to critical components such as firmware configuration, software bill of materials (SBOM) generation, build automation, and comprehensive testing, in order to provide an end-to-end solution for Dynamic Firmware management. Expect to see the AMI Meridian – Build Orchestrator Services in action to build and deploy AMI Tektagon and MegaRAC firmware solutions to the DC-SCM.

Flexibility and Customization for Secure Data Center Solutions

This solution will deliver the highest level of flexibility and platform security to cloud service providers, data center operators, and server ODMs.

“ODMs can now align to the specific needs of the data center through flexibility in platform management in a truly secure foundational environment. This partnership between AMI, ASPEED, and Jabil demonstrates how all three companies will be working together to ensure platform security on these next-gen Intel platforms,” says Stefano Righi, Senior Vice President of Global Security, AMI.

Join Us at OCP Global Summit 2023

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