MegaRAC OneTree Unveils Powerful New OpenBMC Features and Enhancements

MegaRAC OneTree Unveils Powerful New OpenBMC Features and Enhancements

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Adonay Berhe

Adonay Berhe

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AMI’s next-generation BMC firmware – MegaRAC OneTreeTM, unveils powerful new features and enhancements in its latest release. These additions are tailored to further meet the needs of modern-day data centers, cloud providers, supply-chain partners (ODM/OEMs), and IT professionals. The key improvements from this latest release are summarized below.

New Features and Enhancements of MegaRAC OneTree

  • Core: The latest release introduces several improvements to its core stack. The most notable additions include Secure Boot strengthening the security posture of the platform and ensuring the integrity of the system firmware during the boot process; improved Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) functionality with support for physical and soft keyboards, media redirection, JPEG capture; enhanced networking features allowing for efficient management and configuration of LAN and Dynamic DNS (DDNS) settings; and more.
  • Redfish: Redfish API has been expanded and enriched, providing enhanced interoperability and simplified management of server infrastructure.
  • NVMe: Support for additional NVME-MI (Non-Volatile Memory Express Management Interface) commands. This enhancement empowers IT professionals to have better control and management over NVMe storage devices, leading to improved performance and efficiency.
  • NIC: Improvements on the existing Network Interface Controller (NIC) feature set, providing developers additional capabilities for network configuration, sensor reading, and Out of Band (OOB) device management.
  • Web UI: The updated Web UI offers a more intuitive, feature-rich, and user-friendly experience, making it easier for administrators to navigate, configure, debug, and monitor their server infrastructure.
  • Firmware Update: Keeping server firmware up to date is crucial for maintaining security and reliability. To support this critical function, the latest release introduces firmware enhancements like signed image support, CPLD, and non-PFR BMC/BIOS update across the different silicon vendors. This, coupled with the support for various firmware image configurations, makes platform management more robust, efficient, and error-resistant.
  • RAID: Recognizing the diverse needs of data centers, the latest release expands its RAID support through enhanced communication protocol and library support. This allows administrators to implement storage solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

AMI Continues to Raise the Bar with MegaRAC OneTree

The latest release of MegaRAC OneTree introduces a broader range of features and improvements, to enhance platform security, manageability, and extensibility. This release also sets new standards in server management with OpenBMC core enhancements, Redfish improvements, NVME support, and updates in Web UI, Firmware Update, RAID, and NIC support. Please stay tuned for more features and enhancements in the coming months as we continue to drive innovation and improvements into MegaRAC OneTree.

For more information about MegaRAC OneTree, please visit the AMI website or contact AMI.


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