AMI Releases Latest BMC Firmware – MegaRAC® SP-X LTS 13.5

AMI Releases Latest BMC Firmware – MegaRAC® SP-X LTS 13.5

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ATLANTA, GEORGIAAMI is pleased to announce the release of its latest BMC Firmware – MegaRAC SP-X LTS 13.5. This latest release comes with a new set of platform manageability features that support several Customer Reference Boards (CRBs) such as Intel® 4th Generation Xeon® Intel® Archer City, and AMD® 4th Gen EPYC™ AMD Quartz. Furthermore, the solution is based on the ASPEED® AST 2600 BMC SoC. Core features of MegaRAC SP-X LTS 13.5 include the Debian target update to Bullseye and can include technology packs such as:

      • Intel ACD EGS – latest Intel Autonomous Crash Dump (ACD) version supported for Intel Eagle Stream (ESG) platform microarchitecture
      • NVMe-MI TP – supports the latest version (spec 1.1) of NVMe Management Interface
      • Redfish TP – Based on latest specification version 1.15.1 and schema bundle version 2022.1

The robust and expanding feature set and options for additional customization through technology packs make MegaRAC SP-X a perfect choice for remote server management. AMI also offers global engineering customer support to ensure MegaRAC SP-X performs at the highest level and our customers have the ideal experience when developing on this codebase. To learn more about our products, please contact AMI.

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