AMI Releases Version 2.3 of MegaRAC OpenEdition

AMI Releases Version 2.3 of MegaRAC OpenEdition

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We are excited to announce the release of version 2.3 of our MegaRAC OpenEdition™ Open-Source-based BMC Remote Management Firmware Solution.

MegaRAC OpenEdition is our production-ready, open-source-based BMC remote management solution developed on core technology from the Linux Foundation OpenBMC project. Most importantly, it comes with the benefits of AMI’s industry-leading expertise in lights-out remote management and has the strength of our unwavering customer support behind it.

For this latest release, we collaborated with Intel® on its co-development, allowing us to introduce several core open-source features and licensed Expansion Packs for enterprise customers in this version. Additionally, all core features and Expansion Packs in version 2.3 are validated on the Intel® Xeon® server processor (“Eagle Stream” / “Archer City”) platform. Expansion Packs, which are similar to Technology Packs in our MegaRAC SP-X, are individually selectable, independently maintained, advanced technology packages offered through subscription for access and support.

MegaRAC OpenEdition version 2.3 features support for the 7th generation AST2600 server management processor from ASPEED Technology. It also offers validated and hardened core BMC features that are critical to delivering a reliable manageability firmware solution for data centers and server platforms, with key enhancements in this release under these major BMC feature categories:

  • Web Interface
  • Redfish®
  • IPMI and DCMI Support
  • Sensors and LED Management
  • Thermal and Power Management
  • Network and User Management
  • Memory Management
  • Security Policies and Service Configuration
  • Remote Debug and Logging
  • OpenLDAP / Active Directory

Several new Expansion Packs are also available with MegaRAC OpenEdition version 2.3:

  • CUPS and Telemetry
  • Autonomous Crash Dump (ACD) + CPU Crash Log
  • Intel® At Scale Debug (Intel® ASD)
  • Memory Resilience Technology (Intel® MRT)
  • Intel® Platform Firmware Resilience (Intel® PFR) + Seamless Updating
  • Node Manager Power Optimization
  • NIC Management
  • NVMe Management

With a robust and continually expanding feature set, numerous options for additional customization through Expansion Packs and strong customer support from AMI, MegaRAC OpenEdition makes a great choice for OpenBMC-based BMC solution development.

For existing AMI customers seeking more detailed information and resources for MegaRAC OpenEdition v. 2.3, additional documentation including Release Notes, User Guide, Developer Guide, Platform Porting Guide and more are now available in the AMI Customer Portal. New customers are encouraged to contact us via the contact form below for additional information on this release and help getting started with MegaRAC OpenEdition.

Finally, the Open Compute Project (OCP) user community will have access to several core features in MegaRAC OpenEdition version 2.3 by the end of Q2 of 2023 when we upstream select core features to the OCP GitHub repository. To browse the most current MegaRAC OpenEdition contributions from AMI to OCP, please visit

Looking to get access to MegaRAC OpenEdition version 2.3? Please contact our AMI Sales team via or through your local AMI representative.

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