AMI Response for Intel® Management Engine Security Bulletin

AMI Response for Intel® Management Engine Security Bulletin

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AMI response for the INTEL-SA-00086 Security Bulletin for Intel® Management Engine

AMI is committed to providing the highest level of security in our firmware offerings. With our BIOS and BMC firmware offerings deployed on a majority of computing systems across the globe, we are deeply committed to our role as a leader in BIOS and BMC firmware security. We have a long-established in-house firmware security team to enable us to rapidly respond to security issues as they arise and provide recommendations and mitigations to our OEM/ODM customers through our Security Advisories and Security Vulnerability patches.

For our OEM/ODM customers, we recommend that they keep their Security Contact at their company up-to-date with their AMI Sales Representative. Customer Security Contacts have access to the latest Security Advisories and patches. When necessary, our Security Advisories provide mitigations or workarounds for potential vulnerabilities associated with our firmware products.

If you have information about a security issue or vulnerability with our BIOS and BMC firmware offerings, please visit the following URLs:

For BIOS firmware

BIOS Security Center

For BMC firmware

MegaRAC Security Center

In regards to the Intel® Management Engine (ME) vulnerability, we have provided an advisory on October 27, 2017 to all our OEM and ODM customers including information about the mitigation availability. We highly recommend that you visit the manufacturer of your server or computer system for a firmware update.

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