AMI and the “Wall of Innovation”

AMI and the “Wall of Innovation”

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Our pride in our leagacy of innovation is reflected on the walls throughout our headquarters office, where we display the different patent awards that AMI has been granted over the years. Here are some photos from various locations around our AMI headquarters campus here in Norcross, Georgia. We like to call these areas of our office the “AMI Wall of Innovation” and celebrate the individuals who have been granted patents on behalf of AMI over the years.

In the Norcross office lobby:

In a conference room:

Hallway A:

Hallway B:

We are also excited about the fact that we are quickly closing in on the 500 mark of patents granted. In fact, we should reach this milestone by our next annual Innovation Week celebration here at AMI.

For this reason, our home city of Norcross was recently named one of the most innovative cities in America by Time Magazine, thanks in part to the large number of patents AMI has been granted. Here is a link to a press release we issued in May of 2016 when we learned that news:

On a side note about our Innovation Week, this yearly internal event is an opportunity for AMI innovators to make presentations to their colleagues working in different teams and departments of the company about some of their latest innovations and projects. It is a great opportunity for cross-functional learning and identifying areas of synergy within our company, with the goal of uncovering new opportunities to help the company grow and flourish.

Towards the end of the week, we will post more about our Innovation Week activities, to give our readers a peek at how we celebrate the great work that our employees do throughout the year. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

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