Benefits of the MegaRAC Product Ecosystem for Tier One OEM and ODM Customers

Benefits of the MegaRAC Product Ecosystem for Tier One OEM and ODM Customers

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Over the last few weeks, we published some brief new write-ups on several key customer wins with Tier One OEMs for our MegaRAC® Remote and BMC Management Products. Each document outlines the turning point in the engagement with the Tier One OEM customer and describes the features and capabilities that prompted each to choose AMI. These documents also highlight the intelligent design of MegaRAC source code, as well as the agility and flexibility provided by our team as the keys to attracting Tier One OEMs and ODM accounts.

From the reports it is clear to see that one of the most important benefits that MegaRAC source code provides to OEM and ODM customers is the capability to separate portions of the platform-level source code from customer-specific portions. This is particularly useful to ODMs since their downstream customers can then add proprietary components while the ODM keeps access to the platform-level portions of source code restricted and secure.

This architecture also gives OEM and OEM customers confidence and peace of mind, while greatly simplifying source code development and maintenance, speeding time-to-market (TTM) and lowering overall development costs. For them, the ability to protect Intellectual Property and proprietary customizations to MegaRAC products without the risk of revealing any details to AMI or end customers can be of the utmost importance. After all, this is where the value and differentiation between products from different MegaRAC OEM and ODM customers are generally found.

Another key benefit of MegaRAC products for Tier One OEMs is the way that they allow for a common source code base to be used over multiple projects and platforms, so they can be developed and brought to market faster and with less cost. Moreover, the entire development environment and toolchain are completely integrated, leading to several additional benefits. First, this means that custom firmware source code or proprietary features developed for one platform can also be reused for another project. Additionally, the development environment is a complete ecosystem that remains the same from one MegaRAC product to the next, so as developers become familiar with it, their productivity increases and the range of MegaRAC products they can utilize to enhance their projects grows.

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