American Megaclipse 2017

American Megaclipse 2017

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On Monday, August 21, 2017, people around the nation and world stepped outside and looked up to the sky. There was no bird, plane or Superman in the sky, but rather, an awe-inspiring natural wonder. Trending across the internet was #SolarEclipse and #Eclipse2017, with everyone marveling at the moment where the sun was completely blocked by the moon. The Solar Eclipse of 2017 was probably one of the most anticipated, talked about, hot topic of 2017. People were throwing their solar shades on to immerse themselves in the magic of the solar eclipse. This past Monday, we had some employees drive up to northern Georgia to see the eclipse on the path of totality while the others who stayed at the office had a little viewing party of their own!

While some employees decided to follow the path of totality and drive up north to get a better view of the eclipse, some employees got a nice view of the eclipse at the workplace. When the time came, throngs of AMI employees made their way outside and diverted their (protected) eyes to the sky. Most employees had their handy protective glasses ready for the viewing while others found other creative ways to do it such as pin hole discs where they could see the shadow of the eclipse through a small hole punched into a paper plate. Regardless, we all had fun together watching the eclipse. Check out some of the photos our employees took below!

Totality has been reached!

Put your protective glasses on!

One of our employees models the right way to look at the eclipse.

Or you can look at the eclipse through a homemade pin hole disc!

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