What is a Plugfest?

What is a Plugfest?

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If you keep up with AMI, other IBVs and technology companies, you may have heard the term “plugfest” popping up every so often. AMI happens to plan, host, sponsor and attend various plugfests throughout the year and you may be wondering, what is a plugfest? Today we cover what a plugfest is and what kinds of things happen at these plugfest events!

Various organizations in the technology industry host plugfests, including Microsoft and the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface Forum to name a few. Plugfest happens to be a literal term where various manufacturers and developers come together with their products, and then plug their products into each other’s products. Plugfests are testing events where these manufacturers and developers come to test each other’s products and create/improve interoperability. Improving interoperability among OEMs and ODMs’ products is a standard within the technology industry and plugfests serve an important purpose in creating more union among these OEMs/ODMs’ products. By creating more union among products, OEMs and ODMS can advance their respective offerings and provide a wider range of services that work in conjunction with other OEMs/ODMs’ products.

It is important to note though that plugfests are more than just testing events. Although the main purpose of plugfests is to test each other’s products, plugfests are also a great way to network with notable companies and learn more about the newest technologies and designs from these companies. Plugfests attract attendances from industry-leading technology companies and are hosted domestically and abroad. On top of the networking aspect of plugfests, most plugfests also incorporate technical sessions throughout the event so attendees can hear about the latest innovations, the specifications, and topics buzzing around in the firmware industry. Plugfests are multifaceted events and the benefits of attending plugfests are numerous. That’s why we highly encourage OEMs and ODMs to attend, not only because they can be part of the movement for better interoperability and development, but in addition to that, they become more acquainted with the firmware industry and the innovative changes that are constantly happening.

If you are interested in attending a plugfest event, be sure to research upcoming plugfest events and make a plan to go and experience it for yourself and your company. AMI will be hosting the Fall 2017 UEFI Plugfest from October 30 to November 3 in Taipei, Taiwan. To learn more about the event and/or register for the event, please visit ami.com/press-release/american-megatrends-opens-registration-for-fall-2017-uefi-plugfest-in-taipei-taiwan/.

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