Post Script: Quick & Responsive Seals the Deal

Post Script: Quick & Responsive Seals the Deal

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MyGnar, Inc. is a company focused on the mobile technology sector with its product GNARBOX, the world’s first device that allows users to download, organize and edit videos/RAW photos using their smartphones. MyGnar actively sought out different vendors to assist with the development of its embedded photo sharing device that transfers media from GoPro®, SLR and regular cameras to the user’s preferred device (tablet, phone, cloud, desktop, etc.). For MyGnar, there were certain requirements that needed to be met before it would move forward with a vendor, most importantly the design specifications/requirements and the flexibility of the source code.

MyGnar contacted multiple vendors to work on the ARM silicon of its initial design for its product. With many vendors to choose from, AMI stepped in to discuss the benefits of implementing AMI’s services for the development of MyGnar’s photo sharing device. There were many discussions as to the specific type of assistance MyGnar would need for its GNARBOX. The discussions included topics such as design requirements, BIOS features, whether or not AMI’s BIOS could meet MyGnar’s source code requirements, support and turnkey solutions.

The key to making the product successful was to ensure the GNARBOX was the comprehensive editing mobile app that MyGnar had conceived. AMI already had experience working with smartphone technology and app development so AMI responded with potential ways it could help MyGnar design a top-of-the-line product. Since design requirements were one of the most important aspects, AMI wanted to deliver the capabilities to add each desired feature. AMI gave its proposal to MyGnar and MyGnar had to decide if AMI was the vendor that could give it exactly what it wanted.

MyGnar had many vendors to choose from and after MyGnar narrowed it down to several vendors, AMI came up on top as the preferred vendor due to its highly-regarded reputation in the market, direct access to BIOS engineers, rapidity of business discussions, quick turnaround of proposals and AMI’s ability to meet MyGnar’s design and source code requirements. Knowing that AMI had the proper knowledge to get MyGnar’s design questions answered, MyGnar signed a contract with AMI, establishing a continued collaboration for an innovative product.

To learn more about the GNARBOX, visit the GNARBOX website at

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