COMPUTEX TAIPEI – Past & Present

COMPUTEX TAIPEI – Past & Present

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AMI has a long history of exhibiting its products at COMPUTEX TAIPEI, the colossal tech trade show that takes place each summer in Taiwan’s capital city. Many readers may already have heard of this mega-event, but if you haven’t, don’t worry… you are about to learn about one of largest computer expos in the world, the place where innovation meets performance!

COMPUTEX TAIPEI is an annual technology trade show where exhibitors from various countries and market segments showcase their latest and greatest innovations. The beginnings of COMPUTEX Taipei go back to 1981, when it was first held as the “Computer Show”. It was then renamed to COMPUTEX TAIPEI in 1984 and has since become the leading business-to-business (B2B), information and communications technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT) trade show and second largest computer expo in the world, attracting visitors from over 100 different countries every year.

For this year’s expo, COMPUTEX TAIPEI created the concept of “Building Global Technology Ecosystems” as its overarching theme with the five concentrations of the global ICT ecosystem in mind: AI and Robotics, IoT Applications, Innovations and Startups, Business Solutions and Gaming and VR. The event takes place over the span of three days and gives visitors the opportunity to hear from multiple keynote speakers across the industry and attend a wide range of forums and meetings on diverse topics.

AMI has avidly attended COMPUTEX for more than 15 years, using its global stage as an opportunity to launch and promote some of our most innovative products, stretching all the way back to our first COMPUTEX TAIPEI event. COMPUTEX TAIPEI has served as a platform for AMI to introduce and or exhibit past and present technologies that read like a “greatest hits” list of AMI technologies, including MegaRAID® RAID controllers*, our MegaDual™ and MegaPlex™ motherboards, the MegaRAC® G2 controller, various iterations and improvements to the well-known AMIBIOS® and of course, AMI’s flagship Aptio® V BIOS/UEFI firmware.

Although some of these AMI product lines have since been discontinued or sold off, AMI continues to bring our latest, best and brightest products and services to COMPUTEX TAIPEI, so that our valued customers, media representatives and attendees from around the world can continue to experience live demonstrations of our products and engage with our expert AMI staff onsite. COMPUTEX TAIPEI is a place for all kinds of visitors, and of many purposes – for startups, innovators, tech enthusiasts, exhibitors and media to witness the newest product launches, network with other companies and learn about the key designs and developments from the world’s leading technology companies. Each of these reasons contribute to why COMPUTEX TAIPEI brings in so many visitors every year, allowing it to reaching a high-water mark of 40,969 visitors in 2016!

With this year’s focus on the five concentrations of the global ICT ecosystem in mind, we are excited to once again present our latest and greatest technologies at COMPUTEX TAIPEI – and show visitors how AMI provides complete end-to-end business solutions for OEMs and ODMs. For this year’s expo, AMI will showcase the following technologies:

In closing, for COMPUTEX attendees interested in learning more about what AMI has to offer at this year’s show, be sure to visit us at Booth M0205a and talk with some of our friendly, knowledgeable, and downright awesome people!

See you at COMPUTEX TAIPEI, May 31st through June 4th at the Taipei World Trade Center!

To read more on what AMI will be showcasing at COMPUTEX TAIPEI, please visit–may-30-to-june-3-2017/.

For more information about COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2017, the history of COMPUTEX and details about the show, please visit the COMPUTEX website.

*The MegaRAID was divested by AMI in 2001 to LSI Corporation, a subsidiary of Broadcom Ltd.; the trademark is property of LSI Logic in the US and other countries.

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