AMI Introduces MegaRAC FPX2.0 NVMeoF Fabric Management Firmware

Earlier this week at COMPUTEX Taiwan, AMI, a global leader in BIOS and UEFI firmware, BMC and server management firmware solutions, backplane control chips and much more, introduced its new MegaRAC® FPX2.0™ NVMe over Ethernet Fabric Management Firmware.

MegaRAC FPX2.0 Fabric Management Firmware is a powerful NVMe over Ethernet Fabric (NVMeoF) firmware / software stack combining Ethernet Fabric management capabilities and NVMe drive management together for creation and management of true Server SAN solutions, delivering highly manageable NVMe storage to remotely connected clients.

To learn more about the MegaRAC FP-X2.0 NVMeoF Fabric Management Firmware from AMI, read the full press release at:

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